Katavasis,the Journey begins

     Katavasis.It comes from the greek word kata and basi.It means you are descenting,going down and touching base.They say climbing the mountain is easier than climbing it down.You spent all these hours trying to reach the top and when you finally did,you have to go down again.You were immortal.You just conquered this ‘monster’ of nature that it is a mountain,but you are not welcome up there for long.You have to go down.

   You can decide not to climb a mountain.You will be fine.If you decide not to climb down of it,you are dead.So go ahead,take the same path that lead you to the top and go where you started.Look around you and observe.You’ve seen everything on your way up,but now you can understand what they trully are.The freezing cold,the big trees,the screaming air everything that made the mountain scary and unfriendly is now there to greed you in your returning.



Remember,you are ‘trying’ to climb a mount,but you MUST descent.Because of that,it is effortles.

When you are finally down,you can see both the path and the top.You know you climbed it and you know how.You’ve gained experience and dominated the mountain itself.You are ready for a bigger and more difficult one.

This is of course,nothing more than a metaphor.Mountain is life,if life was money,happiness,buisness,relationsips or a mountain.Going up is your struggle to suceed.Katavasis is the death of your ego.It is here to remind you that there is always something to improve,that you need to go back and start over.We go up in life,we win some and we forget how we got there.So we forget the path,ie skills,mindset etc and we just stay there.To rot and crumble.

We go down,we realize that nothing is too big,so we go bigger.And then down again.Back to basics.Back to base.This blog is here to help you do just that.We will talk about everything and discover the principles that can lead to a better more fulfilling life(while having fun along the way).But you could ask or you MUST ask,’Why is should take life advice from a total stranger?Why he thinks he can help me out?’

I am not unique nor special.I am an odd one for sure,but i am not that different than anyone else.It’s not who i am,it’s more where i came from.It just happens that some of my experiences are different and unique.I am not here to beg you to stay.You can leave.Go ahead.

FYI,this is not a new-age,hippie blog.I will say my truth,and how i perceive this world.I will not teach you how to be happy or how to find the love of your life.I will help you to speak with confidence,walk with pride,lift weights,kickass,meditate,make money,eat cats,riff with people,induce emotions etc etc.This is a blog for kings.I will help you live like one.

I want time though.Give me some time to find my voice.I’ve written so many words for people i’ve never met and wrote many books that are trash and never made public.I promise future posts will be less trippy and with more actionable advice and steps.


This is me taking the lead now.







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