You are not special

Today,everything i am reading is about being special,different,a unique snowflake.Every human is some miracle,a semi-god that came to this earth to please us with his pressence.We are all beautiful,flawless and filled with love.Each and everyone of us need special treamtment to reveal their’secret’ abillities and suceed…What a bunch of bullshit.

Boys,the truth is you are not special.You were borned bloody and started screaming.You want to eat,shit,drink and have sex.You want money(or freedom…same thing) and a roof over your head.You want control over your life.

Someone hits you,you are in pain,someone kisses you,you feel happy.You are not special.You don’t need special treatment and you are not entitled to anything in this life.You wake up and you go to bed.The guy working at starbucks complaining about how the system is rigged and everyone is againist him,is not speacial.No one cares about you.No one sits around the table plotting your downfall.There is a reason average is the majority.If you are reading this,you have internet.You literally live better than kings did not very long ago(sorta,i will expnad in later posts though).You are average,but you live like you are in the top tier,in comparison to the rest of the world.You’ve given enough.Well,it’s time to get some more,earn it…

Why?Why we trick ourselves into thinking we are great,before we achieve greatness?We just want to feel good,dull our minds to escape the harsh reality.You are not special.Keep that in mind.It’s not a bad thing and the realization of it, is a weapon.Someone has walked the walk before you.There is a blueprint to follow.The principles are written,life has been lived 1000 times before.You just have to see it.The things that work for one person,work for the next one.

‘Nah,you want to tell me that Bill Gates is the same with my broke-ass neighbour living in a box?’ NO.Remember what i said.You are not special…right now.Bill ‘the slave master’ Gates did not become what he is today in one day.He worked for it,he earned the right to be ‘special’.But he didn’t do magic,he didn’t sell his soul to the devil.He was an awkward(many say he has aspergers) teenager,a bookworm with a bright mind.Sounds familliar?Connor McGregor.UFC champion.He was an awkward little boy,that got into fights but had a crazy interest for martial arts.Sounds familliar?Charlie Parker.One of the best musicians of the 20th century.Teenager that got booed off the stage and had a cymbal thrown at him by Jo Jones.Sounds familliar?Well,the last one doesn’t,but you get the point.

But do you REALLY get the point?If not wait until the next article.We will together form a blueprint to help you find your way.

Until then remember:you are not special.But everything is,until it isn’t.


(The movie that this picture is taken from,is called ‘Whiplashed’.Instead of watching the 9 o’clock news,watch this.You will learn a lot more and you will understand better this article.)








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