In my latest post, we talked about how no one is really special.We all have different starting points and we are dealt a certain hand.If you live in a country that has democracy,if you have a roof over your head,internet and you ate today,then you probably scored pocket aces.You are already ahead.It is so easy not to die.

But i know this feeling.You have everything.You live a comfortable life,you may be a little behind at your rent and your boss at work is a jerk,but you generally lead an easy life.But you still want more.You are greedy for more life in a sense.If not,please do me a favour and leave,this site is not for you.

Why someone who has everything already,still needs more?’Hey!Check your privilage!Kids in Africa are starving!’.Yeah,no shit.Instead of whining and living in guilt,get some perspective.Are you gonna waste this opportunity?Do you think a kid from Syria would feel guilty if he ever got your life?You were lucky.Make the most out of it.Stop bitching and handle your business.

So,why someone who has everything already,still needs more?Many years ago,i was reading a very basic book about business management and i stumbled across this:maslow-pyramid.jpg

This is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.This pyramid gives a very raw description of your needs and desires.If you pay attention,you’ve accomplished the two bottom tiers before you were borned.If you have a family and 1-2 good friends,you can probably scratch the third tier.Most people in the western world,get stuck between the third and second block.The rest of the world struggles even to BE in the pyramid.

When you have covered 90% of one of the three(basic,psychological,self-fulfillment needs) subcategories,THEN you can move to the next one.Only then you will be able to fully focus on what’s important.But keep in mind that life is not linear,it’s dynamic.One day you may find yourself at the bottom  and you will have to climb your way up again.It will be easier the second time.

So now you understand why you want more and more.It is in your nature.Until you reach the top,you must never stop.That’s why the people in Ethiopia don’t care about things like ‘social value’,they  can’t grasp what ‘money’ and ‘power’ is.They have more urgent problems to address,like’Hey,i haven’t eaten in days’ etc.

As i said already,life is not linear.We evolve as a person,in every direction possible.Things that make you happy now,in 2-3 years may make you miserable.But there is a base,some basic principles to follow.My chart is more dynamic and simple.This is the Katavasis’s hierarchy of life:

Yes i used paint for this


This more like a Ven diagram.You can move in an out of the circles,but it is always:


This is how an ideal life should look like.Self improvement,power,influence,self-realization etc,are all somewhere between them.Everything is more or less connected.

  1. HEALTH.If you are not healthy you must fix that ASAP.You can’t move forward without being healthy.We will talk about it a lot more,but for now eat good food,walk a lot and go to the gym.If you are sick how you expect to fight for your FREEDOOOOM!!
  2. FREEDOM,is being wherever you want,with whoever you want,saying whatever you want,whenever you want.Yup,that sums it up.Unfortunately(not really),freedom=money.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS.How you communicate with others,who you spend your time with,your general value etc.As you can tell if you don’t have freedom,most likely you will be forced to be around people you don’t want to,forced to talk them,when you would really want to spend time with the ones that matter.Or be alone.

Your life should roughly move inside this diagram.



Can you understand now,why i said that no one is special?We are all inside,in this diagram,trying to fill it out as much as we can.’Sucessful’ people are also in there.So,get your priorities straight and handle your business,as my grandpa would say.

That’s it folks!









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