There are many tools in your arsenal for self improvement.You have to use each and every one of them in order to see meaningful change.

But if i had to choose one that will have an immediate impact in a concrete way,it would be meditation.

What is Panacea and what it has to do with meditation?

Panacea was a greek goddess that could cure anything,physical or pschycological.She could identify the real root of the problem and then she provided the cure.They said,she possessed a poultice that could heal and solve most of your problems at once.

Meditation has a false reputation,about being this esoteric,hippy practice,were you sit on your ass all day,doing nothing.It makes you mellow,passive and all lovey dovey…

This couldn’t be more wrong.

Let me tell you a story.One night, i ended up with a group of pretentious,new age people in a living room.18-25 years old guys,underweight,speaking with a soft voice about world peace and true love,while the girls were nodding along.I was just the opposite.I had anger in me,i spoke loudly and i was aggressive about my ideas.My goals were to eat pussy and make money.Their goal was ‘…just to be happy maaaan’.

The way they carried themselves,spoke like they were these enlightened beings,having the answer to EVERYTHING in life, hit a nerve with me.

Their common denominator was meditation.They talked about how meditation is [insert every new-age quote about love].It was practically a circle-jerk about how awesome human beings they were.Then out of nowhere one of them,let’s call him Zizan the Puss,looked at me and said to a girl sitting next to him:’He could never understand what we are saying.He just lifts weights and all he cares about is money.’

Little did he know,i was practicing yoga everyday for the last 10 years or so.But he didn’t believe me.You know why?I took away the only thing that made him ‘special’.

I saw jealousy in his eyes.His calm voice,became squeaky while he was trying to undermine me in front of his lady friend.

I realized that they were all ‘fake’ or they lost meaning.They want to be superior,so they used meditation to do that.They want to create this ‘cult’ ,to feel better about themselves(and get some girls along the way).

Truth is,meditation gives you what you need.Hence Panacea.If you are too aggressive,it will calm you down.If you are too calm,it will fire you up.It is in my nature to be calm,so meditation made me more angry(in a good way) and passionate about my opinions.I could stand up for my self.

-First let me clear something up.Meditation is not something that only eastern fellas do.It is hardcoded in every religion and philosophy,with different names and practices.For example Christians have it,it’s called ‘προσευχή'(praying).But that is not appealing so you have to bring something ‘new’ to get the attention.-

As with everything else,yoga,zen and every other eastern philosophy got distorted along the way to the west.We packed everything into a neat,marketable box and we tried to sell it to the masses.Now yoga is considered a gym class.There is ‘active meditation’,’listening to music meditation’,’walk meditation’ etc etc.Listening to the water is ‘meditation’.Listening to binaural beats is ‘meditation’.The last one is funny,because people are getting butthurt if you tell them that your bike started making that noise before it broke down…

So Zizan the Puss,read a book or two about Buddha,took a yoga class and he thinks he is doing it.

Meditation is something you practice.It is very difficult to meditate.

We watered down yoga,zen,Taoism etc to appeal to everyone,easy to digest fads that require no effort.Write your own meditation technique,call it ‘Super,third eye-opening,bio-synthesis meditation’ and you can make money.If Zizan the Puss was to visit a guru in India,he would be beaten up and thrown out.Yogis are actually pretty aggressive with their teachings.They don’t talk about love,they talk about discipline.

Meditation IS Panacea.

It gives you what you need,in this specific moment.It reveals solutions to your current problems.

There are many paths to choose from.Remember,we are talking about true meditation.

The one you encounter first is the one you are stuck with.There is Yoga(A thousand different techniques),Zen,transcendent,guided meditation and many more.Don’t get confused and don’t try to dig into every one of them too much.Do your research and choose ONE.These are paths that lead to the same END goal,so don’t get frustrated or start thinking about which one is the best.

If you know someone who practices meditation,i suggest you follow him along so he can help you.

Don’t take this lightly.This is serious stuff.

I practice kriya yoga for example.If kriyas are not practiced perfectly and in time,they can cause increase in total temperature(fever),collapsed lungs,illusions and even schizophrenia.

The above have happened.Not frequently,but you realize that we are playing with our nervous system.

 We will talk about the specific benefits that ,in my experience,meditation has to offer in a future post.It is a practice i recommend to everyone.The effects can be life changing.

It is a tool that will shape your life.

Find your Panacea and start working.

That’s it folks.



14 thoughts on “Panacea”

  1. I have to write 2-3 more posts to actually cover everything i wanna say.But next week i will write about how i got introduced etc and what technique i use.
    Keep in mind though,that everyone is different and has different needs,so my experience will be different than yours!


  2. I look forward to it

    Can listening to motivating and/or postitive music also be a form of meditation? where your visualising to such a tremendous effect than you can feel it in your gut/heart? what’s your general opinion on visualisation?

    one of the reasons I’m interested particularly in yoga and especially kriya yoga, because there’s these different shatkarmas there’s perhaps 6 of them such as jala neti, nauli kriya, vastra dhauti I only practice jala neti and similar technique I can’t wait to begin learning nauli kriya and various other techniques. you have any experience with these? they’re said to be important for the body perparing for meditation.

    you do any pranayama techniques?

    you heard about Charles Bronsons book Solitary Fitness?
    it’s an awesome book full of exercises, nutriton but also info on different cleansing techniques, mental yoga techniques
    there’s one chapter called Solitary Cow punch where he talks about how one can psych yourself out using some form of yoga technique called Nadi-suddhi or kappalphati a method of self-purification which is done with a deep feeling and deep visualisation where you are apparently visualisating your impurities in the left of your abdomen and taking up the jiva the soul from the maludhara chakra then taking it up to the top of the skull then you’re breathing through your nose and visualising burning up those impurities in the abdomen.
    I suggest you buy the book somewhere online or you can find it free on the web
    I myself have great difficulty practicing the technique since it’s not explained easily and doesn’t look so easy and simple to practice


  3. Listening to music is not ‘meditation’.Remember meditation is a state of mind.Music may help,but use it as a tool,with your ‘main’ meditation technigues.
    Kriya yoga is so powerful.I will get in details in the post.Pranayamas are excercises you do to prepare your body and mind for the kriyas.Kriyas increase your body temperature,your oxygen levels and require immense focus.It’s like practicing for a boxing match.You need to hit some pads before you get into the ring.It took me 2 years before i got my first kriya.Before that i practiced pranayams and bhakti yoga.

    It seems to me that you are confused with all the names,techniques etc.As i said,don’t overthink.The end goal is the same,either you do kriya yoga,bhakti yoga,zen or whatever.So choose one system and stick with it.My only suggestion is to choose a traditional one.

    *Visualization is very good.I used to put loud music,my adrenalize went through the roof ,thinking about my vision.This is fine.But consistency is key.Just visualize in a calm collected way what you want to achieve.Imagine both the struggles and the sucess.I will write in greater detail in the future.


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