How to survive a fight

I’ve been training martial arts on and off for a long time.

I always liked the concept of discipline,practice perfection,movement and reflexes.

Boxing,karate,grappling,mma.In my early teens i was heavily involved with this game,doing amateur fights and show fights.

Now it’s been some years and i rarely get into the ring,maybe do some heavy bag work every now and then,some light sparring and rope.Nothing fancy.

People get into martial arts for self defense.You are a teenager or in your early 20s,you want to have confidence and be able to defend yourself.Walking down the street and knowing that you can beat every guy is an immature,but self-powering feeling.

You are in a bar,someone is drank,he attacks you and you fight back.

You can’t wait to use your jab cross.Oh wait you are on the ground.No problem you will arm bar the guy.Oh wait,some other dude is stomping your head,while a fat guy is putting his fingers in your eyes.Now someone hits you with a broken beer bottle.

There goes your Muay Thai techniques out of the window.

As with everything this day and age,fighting has been glorified as the most primitive and raw activity on the earth.UFC(which i am fan),action movies etc show falsely how you should handle street fights.

‘Man,i feel like a cave man when i am in the cage?’

Really?You think a cave man would fight you with his fists?He would throw stones and kill you with a knife.You fight to save face and increase your perceived social value among the pussy,but he was fighting to kill,survive and find food.

Let me build my tristool of and argument,on what you need to survive a fight:

   1)Mass.Be a huge intimidating guy when face with the possibility of a fight.First thing you need to do,is diffuse the situation.If you are a big boy,tower the other guy and his group.Be a fucking lion.Just look him straight into the eyes,talk slowly and calmly.Most of the guys won’t even pick a fight with an intimidating guy,even though he may not know a thing about fighting.It’s all about perception.Bodybuilding is the best martial art ever.

   2)Athleticism.Endurance,strength,agility,speed and power.If the situation is escalated and you can’t do nothing to prevent it,RUN.Yes be a bitch and run.If you are cornered and you can’t get away or if there are other people who you need to protect,be the first to attack.Always.Now many people say that a martial artist can take on a bigger guy.That’s bullshit.If you are strong ,you can just sucker punch the guy or just pick him up and throw him around.Small frame,big egos.Little hands,little damage.That’s why there are weight classes.No matter how good of a martial artist your are,if i can lift you with one had,you don’t have a chance.Also,if you can take 100 punches and not gas out,then you win the fight.Do you know how may jiu-jitsu practitioners are fat pigs that can’t run a mile without fainting?

   3)The biggest,most important factor about surviving a fight,that tramps everything else,is your capacity for violence.How much damage you are comfortable to inflict to another human being.The fight is now going full force,2-3 guys are jumping you and you life in danger.Don’t you dare try to outbox or grapple them.You need to survive.You have a knife?Use it.Pick a rock and throw it.Rip their eyes apart.Grab their nuts and pull.Bite.Pick a bottle and smash them with it.Be ready to do serious damage if needed.You think Mike Tyson would survive a gunfight,with his boxing?No.Be a crazy motherfucker.

Step by step:Try to diffuse the situation.If you can’t, just walk away.If a fight is forced on you,be ready to kill*.

It seems that MMA is now trending,many people are attracted and of course they develop a feeling of superiority.Many figures are glorifying it.They believe getting punched in the face repeatedly for money is something youngsters should aspire to do.And in many cases,ought to do,in order to be tough and able to defend themselves.To spend hours and hours hitting the bag.

Don’t buy into this.UFC champions are not special.Especially the ones that play it tough on social media.They are athletes,who spend thousands of hours on their craft like any other athlete at any other sport.

Now,i shit talked a lot here.I have huge respect for martial arts and i believe that if you have the correct mentality they can help you in and out of fights.

  • You will learn to take a punch.
  • You will learn to throw a punch.
  • Higher pain threshold.
  • Self-confidence to walk away from a fight.
  • Awarness.You know what to do with your body in a dangerous situation.
  • Discipline.Work ethic,efficiency.
  • Combined with weight lifting,can get you into great shape.
  • Get you familiar with violence in a controlled and safe environment.You’ve been there before.You know what to do.
  • Increased capacity for violence.
  • *Can end situations were you don’t have a choice not to fight,but it’s not that serious in order to use excessive amounts of violence.
  • Help with good posture(aka project confidence)
  • Can calm your mind.
  • Humble you.Getting beat every day can really make you a better,more easy-going person,with a more clear perspective for life.
  • Lastly,environment full of masculinity and testosterone.If you are pussy,it will tough you up and let you improve your social skills.Locker room talk.

(Plus,women love bad boys that can fight,even if you never do).

As you can see,every single point has some connection with our 3-point statement above.To conclude,treat martial arts for what it is and don’t obsess over it.Don’t spend hours and hours if you are not going to do it professionally.Keep in my mind,that in order to survive a street fight,martial arts may be the last thing to use.


That’s it folks!




What no one tells you

If you are reading this,you are also reading one or two ‘self-help’ blogs,got around some self help books and maybe some seminars?

Self improvement is a ludicrous job,filled with scammers looking to use you emotionally and take your money.

They want you to buy their package so you can be a millionaire/good with women/get a 6-pack etc,ONLY IN 2 MONTHS FOR 99$ !!!

BUT,they also want you to come to their seminar and buy 2-3 more books,filled with motivational and arbitrary buzzwords.

What no one tells you,is that the scam artists want you to FAIL.Actually they want you to have just a little bit of success,just enough,so you need to come back for the next step.

They don’t tell you that every penny they got was from selling ‘How to get rich’ cookie cutter books.

They don’t tell you,that they are expert in picking up girls,but they haven’t had sex in 1 year.

They don’t tell you that they use steroids and the useless lifting program they gave you,works only for enhanced lifters.

This is enough,you get the point.Be aware.

The secret that no one tells you,the quintessence ,the fifth element in your self improvement pot,is TIME.

Yup.The best guru,motivational speaker,writer,blogger is time.

Concepts or ideas that right now seem out of  this earth,in 1-2 years you will have internalize them.

Time is money.Time is  pussy.Time is knowledge.Time is life.

Time is your currency to this world.Use it wisely.

No matter how hard you work and read,you’ve got to understand that nothing will happen right away.

Take the gym as an example.Yes you will notice some changes for the first 1-2 months,but until you get a respectable physique or reach a decent strength level you’ll have to spend 2-3 years of consistent work.

You need patience.

There is nothing i could write or tell you,that would make you understand any idea,as good as time will.

The only thing we all can do,is be in the right path.

Now keep in my mind,that you can spend the next 10 years doing nothing.You wasted 10 years.You need to spend your currency in a way that will benefit you.

You need action.


Now what i want you to do,is to think one goal of yours.Anything.

Now,i want you for the next month to put 2 hours everyday into that goal.

Yup,just 2 hours.Easy right?We are looking for consistency of work,rather than volume.

Go about your day,work for 8 hours,go to the gym ,eat.You have your leisure time.

Take 2 hours away and put TIME into anything you chose.But this one thing only!

Next month,you will asess.Did you achieve anything?Did you like working on this project?Did you make steps forward?

If you answer positively, UP the time you spend everyday to 3 hours.

End of the month.Asess again.

If you see that you are going nowhere,pick something else.If not, UP the time.

I don’t want you to go all in into anything yet.Don’t quit your job or spend all your time in something you are not even sure you like.

You will notice that you are into something when it explodes and you start to take away more and more time to focus on this one thing.

Eventually you will reach a point where you hop from one thing to another and you gained some experience.You will get a feel at what it is that you want to do.But you got to:


Gotta start now.Tic toc…









Random Thoughts #2:Don’t take it too seriously.

Goddamn,some youngsters are too far up their asses.

This ‘go hard or go home’ mentality that many ‘go-getters’ have is ok,but gee,some people take it so seriously.

It’s like they are living in a motivational video.They have to have instrumental music playing,Stallone screaming in the background while they are making coffee.

They are always intense about everything,thinking that everything is a struggle they have to overcome and they have to make ‘sacrifices and suffer to reach their goals!’

Look,i understand that you need to work hard to make something of your self.You need discipline.But discipline is smart choices and consistency.Nothing more,nothing less.

You are not a soldier going to war,you are just a kid.

People want drama,want to make something appear difficult,so they can feel special and fuel their enormous egos.

‘Dude,i go to the gym every day and kill my self.What a beast i am ?’

No dude,you just spend one hour doing a hobby of yours,lifting weights.

‘Dude,if you are not studying 12 hours a day you are doing nothing.’

No dude,i just study enough so i can fully understand a subject and move on.

‘Dude,fuck those kids partying,i am not wasting my time with these inferior people.’

No dude.You haven’t had sex in 6 months.Pretending to be a monk,so you can ‘succeed’,does not excuse the fact that you are socially retarded because you spent too much time watching Tai Lopez and motivational videos.

Life is not THAT serious.Look life in the eyes and laugh.

This extreme mentality will burn you off.It’s self destructive.Pain will find you eventually.

Pretending to be hustling,waking up at 5 am so they have an ‘edge’ or spending their saturday nights reading self-help books is the road to a boring life.

You really believe that successful people lived or live like you do now?



Walking,is such a simple movement,yet in today’s society it is overlooked.

We prefer to do HIIT to lose weight,jog,do ultra-super-intense-get-ripped jumping jacks with reverse bulgarian splits.Complexity in a marketable box to make some money.

Lets get back to basics.

Humans are designed to do bipetalism,walk.

Endurance is one of the easiest abilities to develop.

We are by far the most able predator,to walk super long distances.

‘Stalking’ is actually a solid method of hunting,still used by African tribes and was widely ‘popular’ before guys came along,were you just follow a pray to death.You literally stalk the animal until it is so tired that he falls down.

Generally,we rank #4 in endurance(we score higher than horses),with only some birds and small animals being better.

But another interesting point,is that we are the only spieces that can go very long distances in hot climates(i.e 30°C )without dropping dead.

‘A panther could out run you with such ease!’.Yes,we are not meant to jog or run.Although both are very useful in the right moments,we are built to walk.

Anecdotal evidence even suggest that jogging and running for extended periods of time,can hurt you spine and bone structure(don’t take this at face value though).

In order to be a human,all you have to do is breahe.

Then stand erect and walk!

Most people don’t even know how to do that.They walk on the balls of their feet,without using their glutes or calves.

Spending enormous amounts of time sitting,hunched over a laptop or phone,getting their posture destroyed.

Let’s change that,shall we?


  1. Walk with a purpose.Be mindful when you are walking.Observe everything around you and most importanlty,observe your body.Don’t just slam and move your feet uncontrolably.
  2. Start the movement at the heel of your feet,squeeze your glutes,then conclude the movement by ‘pushing’ at the ground with the balls of your feet while using your calves(like a seated calf raise).
  3. Keep your posture in check.Your head isn’t suppose to tilt downwards.Chin slightly up,head and neck neutral.Your back straight,let your arms free.You don’t want to look like a gorilla,so don’t puff your chest,you jerk.Just don’t let your shoulders hunch,let them free and while you get momentum,they will move accordingly.
  4. Big strides,but walk slow.Take your time,be interactive with the world.You are not in a hurry,you just walk.Look around you.Smile at the girls you see.A slow but sturdy walk is a powerful walk.

Well these are a lot of rules about walking,eh?

You will find it difficult and weird at first,but as with everything,you will get used to it.

Your back,legs and even abdominals may hurt you.That’s because you are doing a movement that you have had to do since you were a kid.

You’ll get the hang of it and adjust as you go.

Did you know that celebrities use very similar methods in films,to act cool,confident,powerful,attractive and alpha?

Also,the brightest minds had always the habit of walking,from Enstein to Washington to Bethovenn.It said that the biggest ideas begun with a walk.

I make it sound like it is some life-changing experience.Certrainly not,but let’s look at the benefits of it and how you can incoporate it in your everyday life.

  1. We spend TOO much time inside.Go out,just walk and get some sun.Most people are defficient in vitamin D,which results in hormonal imbalances,depression etc etc.
  2. BREATHE.Go for a stroll around the block and let your body get some clean air.Big deep breaths.Osho have said that a 5 minute walk can change your mental state from distressful to calm and relaxed.Be mindful.
  3. Go out and observe.Observe the tress,the sky.Get in touch with nature.If you are in a city,look the people,the cars ,the buildings.Feel life!You will learn SO much just by being aware.(although i hate this term,2 and 3,is a form of active meditation!)
  4. If you are faced with a problem,walk and organise your thoughts and emotion,clear your mind.Use this time as a buoy,as a reboot.
  5. Put on some music and visualize.Visualize your perfect day or your perfect year.Form your vision.It is the best moement to do that,your mind is clear,your body is in a perfect state,your heart pumps JUST enough.You are free at that moement.
  6. Pay attention.A weird trick that actually works.When you walk,for a long time,after your mind ‘flushes’ away all the ‘garbage’ thoughts,you get in this trance state.Your brain produces alpha waves ,which are induced also when you are  hypnotized.So basically it’s the perfect moment for self-hypnotization.Pick a short mantra and repeat it.Over and over again.For example:When you feel the need for a cigarete,go out,let your mind go in the aformentioned state and say ‘I don’t need a cigarete’.Or you want to be more confident.Say excactly that,’I am confident’.You just re-wiring yourself,but with a more effective method.(For more on that,check out the Silva Method).

Make it a habbit.I like going for a walk,first thing in the morning with an empty stomach.A great start,off to a very productive way.Seeing the sun coming out is the best mood booster you can have.

Even half an hour a day,is a big deal.Don’t limit yourslef though.If you do it for some time,you will start to feel when you want to get out and just walk around.

That’s it folks!


How to overcome Performance anxiety

I started playing classical guitar at a very young age.

It’s been almost 18 years,i have performed well over a hundred concerts and gave at least fifteen musical examinations.

But,there was a time were i was trembling before a concert,blurred vision,flight or fight response,the whole 9-yards.

I screwed up many live performances and probably lost 1-2 job opportunities.

The funny thing is that everything started with ZERO anxiety.My first performance went extremely well and everything kept going well with very minor anxiety until i changed conservatoire.

In college,things got serious.The teachers were different,the environment was different,the vibe was different.

New students had a trial period were you would play in front of a teacher and if he thought you could fit,you were enrolled.

I sucked.I played like garbage,BUT the teacher wanted me in ,because of my excellent cover letters.

Over the next 2 months,my teacher thought of me as a musical genius and praised me to everyone.When i got more comfortable with him,i played very good.But only when i was alone with him.

It was time for a performance for the patrons of the conservatoire.

I fucked it up.I couldn’t stroke a string.I walked off the stage in pure embarrassment.

This kept going.My anxiety was on and off and i couldn’t seem to control it.

Until i did.

Two years in,i finally did it.It didn;t went away all at once,but it was at least contained.

Why only 2 years ago i didn’t have THAT much of a problem,but now i couldn’t perform at all.

First job.Examine when you are feeling anxious.

  • New environment.Of course,if you are not familiar with your surrounding you could feel uncomfortable.
  • Vicious circle.One bad performance and the phenomenon perpetuates.The fear of another one makes you even more anxious.
  • Too much in your head.
  • Dependent on the outcome.Fear of failure.
  • Eyes on you.You are in the center of attention when you are playing solo.
  • Bad feedback.My teachers would butcher me after the performance.
  • Too serious.
  • Finally,general anxiety.

Then i thought the times i didn’t have anxiety.How i felt,what i did that day etc etc.

Maybe ate a little better?No.Drank coffee?No.Ate chocolate?No(although this does help a little).

Wait.I remember!One day i was so sick,had a fever and everything.I had to play at a concert and i couldn’t cancel it because they didn’t have another guitar.

What the hell!I didn’t have anxiety at all!Why i didn’t just pass out?I felt like garbage physically the whole time,but i was great!

I know what it was.

     1)’FUCK THAT SHIT’.I remember saying after they told that i had to go.I cared more about myself and my well-being,than a stupid concert.I didn’t care about how i would performe.What is the worst thing that could happen?Could i die?No.Some people will be dissapointed?Fuck them.

I know this is an i don’t give a fuck attitude and that it’s a whole nother story.But remember,care about what it is important.You are more important and these people have the privilege to attend one of your speeches,performances,games etc.Be a narcissist.

This attitude isn’t always healthy to use(well…),but keep in mind that always in these situations,everything is gonna be fine at the end.

Anyway.I couldn’t replicate that same ‘effect’ every time i had to play,so i kept digging.

2)No one really cares.They don’t care about you.All they care is about themselves.They won’t get up and yell at you (if they do,well ,that’s funny).They will not go home and grief about how useless you are.THEY.DONT.CARE.

You missed a note.No one noticed.Your voiced crack.No one will ever remember it.Life is not a hollywood movie.People don’t seek drama.If you work at a company,your boss isn’t gonna fire you because you were a little nervous at your meeting.

3)My performance anxiety was building when i was waiting backstage.I was mostly thinking how anxious i would be on stage,so it made it worse.I wanted to go NOW.

So,I made sure that i would always be a little late.I would come in 10 minutes before it was my turn,so my brain didn’t have the time to get nervous.

I am not saying be so late that everyone is waiting you.Be enough late so you can practically go right up on the stage(or do your thing,whatever it is).You can’t do this every time,but if you get the chance try it.

4)Get comfortable with the environment.Get cozy.

If you are performing,the day before the show go and see  the place,have a feel.Get to know the people in charge.The day of the show,if you can’t do #3,mingle with the crowd.Believe me,people in the crowd will be more that happy to chat with one of the performers.That way,when you go on stage ,you will see familiar faces.

Same goes for public speaking,playing some kind of sport etc etc.Mingle,chit-chat,inspect the area.

Also,keep your focus on one person,like everything you do is for him.Don’t stare at him,just keep it in the back of your head.You are performing for one.

  Now are things that you could do before hand.

  5)Meditation.Big part of anxiety,is irregular breathing.

Meditation also will calm you and clear your brain.Do your normal regime half an hour before you got to perform.

Also be mindful of where you are and what you are doing.When you are nervous your mind is restless and you are trapped in it.Take your time up there.Observe,listen,feel and mentally tell yourself:’I am about to perform and i will do great!’.This will put you mind in the right place,ready to go.

  6)Practice.Although this is common sense,i want to give it a twist.

In my case,the more i practice and learn a piece,the better i perform,but still the anxiety was there.But when i played pieces that are under my level,enough easy so i could play them effortlessly,i had none.

Don’t make this hard.Until you have ZERO performance anxiety,do stuff that you are extremely comfortable with,even if they are way too easy.A high performance of an average play,is better that a crappy performance of a great play.

Stick to the basics.

  7)Surround yourself with friends.As i said,when i played with other people i had zero anxiety.But also when i had friends there attending my concerts,i felt at ease.

Have someone you trust with you.This goes hand in hand with #4.A little friendly talk beforehand is very good.

  8)Eat a lot of complex carbs.

Although,carbs may spike your insulin levels,carbs with a lot of fiber,can reduce you cortisol levels,thus reduce anxiety.

  10)This may sound controversial,but this is the most effective thing on the list that can eliminate the anxiety right away.It is the secret big name solistas, actors,dancers and public speaker have.Even surgeons.

BETA BLOCKERS.People use them to treat arrhythmia and hypertension,but research and anecdotal evidence has shown,that it eliminates the flight or fight syndrome,increases focus and lowers your heart rate.

Some say that it reduces the body’s natural responses so much that hinders some elements of a performance.This is to mask the problem not solve it.

You could use this to build some positive feedback though.One good performance,leads to another then another…

*Medical disclaimer*:This is for entertainment purposes only.Please get advice from a medical practitioner,before using any drug.*

If you generally have anxiety,know that it would be much harder to kick off PA,so if it’s something physiological,get it fixed asap.

Keep in mind,that a little anxiety isn’t always bad.Under pressure,people have achieved great things that couldn’t be done without this adrenaline rush.

It is a perfectly natural response,but when it becomes so bad that prevents you for performing at your full potential then you have to do something.Remember,in the modern world,you don’t have to face life or death situations.

That’s it folks.

What do you do to prevent PA?



The Golden Ratio

Music,architecture,art,science,nature,perception,books,design,economics,social dynamics etc etc.

If you choose one of the above subjects,you will read at some point,about ‘the Golden Ratio’.

What is it?

In math ,if the ratio of two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities,we say they are in Golden Ration(GR).


‘What is this ‘math’ you are talking about?’

Lets simplify things.The GR is a constant number(≅1.61803) that we observe everywhere.You may already heard about the Fibonacci sequence. The very book next to you is design based on this number,the Vitruvian man too!

Your house is built with the GR,also Parthenon and Capella Sistine,this Tool track and every other classical music piece.

I can go on and on.Why should you care?

The GR is basically the BEST and most practical ‘ratio’ you can use.The one that will create aesthetics.

The lesson we can get is,that everywhere in life,in every aspect,there is the best way to do things.

The least we can do is identify it and try to go for it.Even if we fail,the closest we are,the better the results.Remember,no one can really achieve the GR,only get close to it and do an estimation.

But how can you use the Golden Ration,in your day-to-day life?

Well,you will use the *concept* of GR.The concept that there is always an optimal choice or decision.

You have a goal.There are many choices that lead to it,but only one is the optimal,that will give the best results from A->B with a straight line.

Most of the times we know which choice to make.But maybe it is the hard one or the one that seems more time-consuming or it has delayed gratification.

Maybe you are confused,maybe the decision goes against the ‘rules'(rules,not laws) or no one has made that descision before and succeed.

You must detach yourself emotionally from the choices.

You get distracted and confused,because you analyze the choices you have in front of you and you forget your goals.

Next time you are faced with a decision think in a straight line.

  • ‘I want money’.BOOM,get a job.
  • ‘I want A LOT of money’.BOOM,create a business.
  • ‘i want freedom.BOOM,get money.
  • ‘I want pussy’.BOOM,talk to the next girl you see.
  • ‘I want to be popular’.BOOM,talk to the next guy you see.
  • ‘I want to be smarter’.BOOM,read more books.

Of course,there is a lot more to it.You got to start though.You got to train your brain to take fast and assertive decisions.You got to start thinking in a straight line.

What is your goal? ………

Ok.Think in a straight line.GO GO GO.The most raw and general idea will come out of your head.THIS is the choice you got to make.The Golden Ration Choice.Everything else will be a subchoice, something you will just settle with.

Along the way you will encounter problems,you will have to think through a lot of things,but your base will be this idea,this end goal.

Maybe you fail.You work hard,you struggle towards achieving it but you still fail.


The least we can do is identify it and try to go for it.Even if we fail,the closest we are,the better the results

Get up and try again.With a straight line.

Some general thoughts.

The GR also teach us that there is a nugget of truth to everything.Somewhere in the middle.

Take everything from anything and disregard the stuff that don’t make sense.Don’t be a part of a movement or an ideology.Be an observer.

There is not an extreme view in this world that doesn’t have holes.

Being open-minded and abundant in terms of ideas.That helps you go deeper into an idea and have a wider perspective.

Otherwise,you have to filter everything you hear based on you ideology,creating a vicious circle of self-limiting beliefs.

My suggestion is that when you find yourself agreeing with everything you read,when you start looking into sites or books that will validate your replicated opinion,make a u-turn and read the other side.Common sense, sure.But it takes a lot of effort to actually READ and not mock an idea that you previously thought it was utterly wrong.


The Vitruvian man.


So that’s it folks!











Random Thoughts #1

It’s been two weeks since i started this blog.I gathered around 100 views,the last 50 or so are the last 4 days.

I practically talk to the void right now.BUT still,if no one reads or understand what am i saying, i will not stop.

This blog is starting to become a place where I can ‘throw up’ my ideas and philosophies.I didn’t really KNOW i had this urge to get so many things out of my system.

It is therapeutic,to say the least.I can put my thoughts into ‘paper’ and internalize them even more,expand on them.

I can understand MYself better.

This blog is a projection of my inner thoughts and temperament.It is the vomit of my mind.

Poetic huh?