The Golden Ratio

Music,architecture,art,science,nature,perception,books,design,economics,social dynamics etc etc.

If you choose one of the above subjects,you will read at some point,about ‘the Golden Ratio’.

What is it?

In math ,if the ratio of two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities,we say they are in Golden Ration(GR).


‘What is this ‘math’ you are talking about?’

Lets simplify things.The GR is a constant number(≅1.61803) that we observe everywhere.You may already heard about the Fibonacci sequence. The very book next to you is design based on this number,the Vitruvian man too!

Your house is built with the GR,also Parthenon and Capella Sistine,this Tool track and every other classical music piece.

I can go on and on.Why should you care?

The GR is basically the BEST and most practical ‘ratio’ you can use.The one that will create aesthetics.

The lesson we can get is,that everywhere in life,in every aspect,there is the best way to do things.

The least we can do is identify it and try to go for it.Even if we fail,the closest we are,the better the results.Remember,no one can really achieve the GR,only get close to it and do an estimation.

But how can you use the Golden Ration,in your day-to-day life?

Well,you will use the *concept* of GR.The concept that there is always an optimal choice or decision.

You have a goal.There are many choices that lead to it,but only one is the optimal,that will give the best results from A->B with a straight line.

Most of the times we know which choice to make.But maybe it is the hard one or the one that seems more time-consuming or it has delayed gratification.

Maybe you are confused,maybe the decision goes against the ‘rules'(rules,not laws) or no one has made that descision before and succeed.

You must detach yourself emotionally from the choices.

You get distracted and confused,because you analyze the choices you have in front of you and you forget your goals.

Next time you are faced with a decision think in a straight line.

  • ‘I want money’.BOOM,get a job.
  • ‘I want A LOT of money’.BOOM,create a business.
  • ‘i want freedom.BOOM,get money.
  • ‘I want pussy’.BOOM,talk to the next girl you see.
  • ‘I want to be popular’.BOOM,talk to the next guy you see.
  • ‘I want to be smarter’.BOOM,read more books.

Of course,there is a lot more to it.You got to start though.You got to train your brain to take fast and assertive decisions.You got to start thinking in a straight line.

What is your goal? ………

Ok.Think in a straight line.GO GO GO.The most raw and general idea will come out of your head.THIS is the choice you got to make.The Golden Ration Choice.Everything else will be a subchoice, something you will just settle with.

Along the way you will encounter problems,you will have to think through a lot of things,but your base will be this idea,this end goal.

Maybe you fail.You work hard,you struggle towards achieving it but you still fail.


The least we can do is identify it and try to go for it.Even if we fail,the closest we are,the better the results

Get up and try again.With a straight line.

Some general thoughts.

The GR also teach us that there is a nugget of truth to everything.Somewhere in the middle.

Take everything from anything and disregard the stuff that don’t make sense.Don’t be a part of a movement or an ideology.Be an observer.

There is not an extreme view in this world that doesn’t have holes.

Being open-minded and abundant in terms of ideas.That helps you go deeper into an idea and have a wider perspective.

Otherwise,you have to filter everything you hear based on you ideology,creating a vicious circle of self-limiting beliefs.

My suggestion is that when you find yourself agreeing with everything you read,when you start looking into sites or books that will validate your replicated opinion,make a u-turn and read the other side.Common sense, sure.But it takes a lot of effort to actually READ and not mock an idea that you previously thought it was utterly wrong.


The Vitruvian man.


So that’s it folks!












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