Walking,is such a simple movement,yet in today’s society it is overlooked.

We prefer to do HIIT to lose weight,jog,do ultra-super-intense-get-ripped jumping jacks with reverse bulgarian splits.Complexity in a marketable box to make some money.

Lets get back to basics.

Humans are designed to do bipetalism,walk.

Endurance is one of the easiest abilities to develop.

We are by far the most able predator,to walk super long distances.

‘Stalking’ is actually a solid method of hunting,still used by African tribes and was widely ‘popular’ before guys came along,were you just follow a pray to death.You literally stalk the animal until it is so tired that he falls down.

Generally,we rank #4 in endurance(we score higher than horses),with only some birds and small animals being better.

But another interesting point,is that we are the only spieces that can go very long distances in hot climates(i.e 30°C )without dropping dead.

‘A panther could out run you with such ease!’.Yes,we are not meant to jog or run.Although both are very useful in the right moments,we are built to walk.

Anecdotal evidence even suggest that jogging and running for extended periods of time,can hurt you spine and bone structure(don’t take this at face value though).

In order to be a human,all you have to do is breahe.

Then stand erect and walk!

Most people don’t even know how to do that.They walk on the balls of their feet,without using their glutes or calves.

Spending enormous amounts of time sitting,hunched over a laptop or phone,getting their posture destroyed.

Let’s change that,shall we?


  1. Walk with a purpose.Be mindful when you are walking.Observe everything around you and most importanlty,observe your body.Don’t just slam and move your feet uncontrolably.
  2. Start the movement at the heel of your feet,squeeze your glutes,then conclude the movement by ‘pushing’ at the ground with the balls of your feet while using your calves(like a seated calf raise).
  3. Keep your posture in check.Your head isn’t suppose to tilt downwards.Chin slightly up,head and neck neutral.Your back straight,let your arms free.You don’t want to look like a gorilla,so don’t puff your chest,you jerk.Just don’t let your shoulders hunch,let them free and while you get momentum,they will move accordingly.
  4. Big strides,but walk slow.Take your time,be interactive with the world.You are not in a hurry,you just walk.Look around you.Smile at the girls you see.A slow but sturdy walk is a powerful walk.

Well these are a lot of rules about walking,eh?

You will find it difficult and weird at first,but as with everything,you will get used to it.

Your back,legs and even abdominals may hurt you.That’s because you are doing a movement that you have had to do since you were a kid.

You’ll get the hang of it and adjust as you go.

Did you know that celebrities use very similar methods in films,to act cool,confident,powerful,attractive and alpha?

Also,the brightest minds had always the habit of walking,from Enstein to Washington to Bethovenn.It said that the biggest ideas begun with a walk.

I make it sound like it is some life-changing experience.Certrainly not,but let’s look at the benefits of it and how you can incoporate it in your everyday life.

  1. We spend TOO much time inside.Go out,just walk and get some sun.Most people are defficient in vitamin D,which results in hormonal imbalances,depression etc etc.
  2. BREATHE.Go for a stroll around the block and let your body get some clean air.Big deep breaths.Osho have said that a 5 minute walk can change your mental state from distressful to calm and relaxed.Be mindful.
  3. Go out and observe.Observe the tress,the sky.Get in touch with nature.If you are in a city,look the people,the cars ,the buildings.Feel life!You will learn SO much just by being aware.(although i hate this term,2 and 3,is a form of active meditation!)
  4. If you are faced with a problem,walk and organise your thoughts and emotion,clear your mind.Use this time as a buoy,as a reboot.
  5. Put on some music and visualize.Visualize your perfect day or your perfect year.Form your vision.It is the best moement to do that,your mind is clear,your body is in a perfect state,your heart pumps JUST enough.You are free at that moement.
  6. Pay attention.A weird trick that actually works.When you walk,for a long time,after your mind ‘flushes’ away all the ‘garbage’ thoughts,you get in this trance state.Your brain produces alpha waves ,which are induced also when you are  hypnotized.So basically it’s the perfect moment for self-hypnotization.Pick a short mantra and repeat it.Over and over again.For example:When you feel the need for a cigarete,go out,let your mind go in the aformentioned state and say ‘I don’t need a cigarete’.Or you want to be more confident.Say excactly that,’I am confident’.You just re-wiring yourself,but with a more effective method.(For more on that,check out the Silva Method).

Make it a habbit.I like going for a walk,first thing in the morning with an empty stomach.A great start,off to a very productive way.Seeing the sun coming out is the best mood booster you can have.

Even half an hour a day,is a big deal.Don’t limit yourslef though.If you do it for some time,you will start to feel when you want to get out and just walk around.

That’s it folks!



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