Random Thoughts #2:Don’t take it too seriously.

Goddamn,some youngsters are too far up their asses.

This ‘go hard or go home’ mentality that many ‘go-getters’ have is ok,but gee,some people take it so seriously.

It’s like they are living in a motivational video.They have to have instrumental music playing,Stallone screaming in the background while they are making coffee.

They are always intense about everything,thinking that everything is a struggle they have to overcome and they have to make ‘sacrifices and suffer to reach their goals!’

Look,i understand that you need to work hard to make something of your self.You need discipline.But discipline is smart choices and consistency.Nothing more,nothing less.

You are not a soldier going to war,you are just a kid.

People want drama,want to make something appear difficult,so they can feel special and fuel their enormous egos.

‘Dude,i go to the gym every day and kill my self.What a beast i am ?’

No dude,you just spend one hour doing a hobby of yours,lifting weights.

‘Dude,if you are not studying 12 hours a day you are doing nothing.’

No dude,i just study enough so i can fully understand a subject and move on.

‘Dude,fuck those kids partying,i am not wasting my time with these inferior people.’

No dude.You haven’t had sex in 6 months.Pretending to be a monk,so you can ‘succeed’,does not excuse the fact that you are socially retarded because you spent too much time watching Tai Lopez and motivational videos.

Life is not THAT serious.Look life in the eyes and laugh.

This extreme mentality will burn you off.It’s self destructive.Pain will find you eventually.

Pretending to be hustling,waking up at 5 am so they have an ‘edge’ or spending their saturday nights reading self-help books is the road to a boring life.

You really believe that successful people lived or live like you do now?



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