What no one tells you

If you are reading this,you are also reading one or two ‘self-help’ blogs,got around some self help books and maybe some seminars?

Self improvement is a ludicrous job,filled with scammers looking to use you emotionally and take your money.

They want you to buy their package so you can be a millionaire/good with women/get a 6-pack etc,ONLY IN 2 MONTHS FOR 99$ !!!

BUT,they also want you to come to their seminar and buy 2-3 more books,filled with motivational and arbitrary buzzwords.

What no one tells you,is that the scam artists want you to FAIL.Actually they want you to have just a little bit of success,just enough,so you need to come back for the next step.

They don’t tell you that every penny they got was from selling ‘How to get rich’ cookie cutter books.

They don’t tell you,that they are expert in picking up girls,but they haven’t had sex in 1 year.

They don’t tell you that they use steroids and the useless lifting program they gave you,works only for enhanced lifters.

This is enough,you get the point.Be aware.

The secret that no one tells you,the quintessence ,the fifth element in your self improvement pot,is TIME.

Yup.The best guru,motivational speaker,writer,blogger is time.

Concepts or ideas that right now seem out of  this earth,in 1-2 years you will have internalize them.

Time is money.Time is  pussy.Time is knowledge.Time is life.

Time is your currency to this world.Use it wisely.

No matter how hard you work and read,you’ve got to understand that nothing will happen right away.

Take the gym as an example.Yes you will notice some changes for the first 1-2 months,but until you get a respectable physique or reach a decent strength level you’ll have to spend 2-3 years of consistent work.

You need patience.

There is nothing i could write or tell you,that would make you understand any idea,as good as time will.

The only thing we all can do,is be in the right path.

Now keep in my mind,that you can spend the next 10 years doing nothing.You wasted 10 years.You need to spend your currency in a way that will benefit you.

You need action.


Now what i want you to do,is to think one goal of yours.Anything.

Now,i want you for the next month to put 2 hours everyday into that goal.

Yup,just 2 hours.Easy right?We are looking for consistency of work,rather than volume.

Go about your day,work for 8 hours,go to the gym ,eat.You have your leisure time.

Take 2 hours away and put TIME into anything you chose.But this one thing only!

Next month,you will asess.Did you achieve anything?Did you like working on this project?Did you make steps forward?

If you answer positively, UP the time you spend everyday to 3 hours.

End of the month.Asess again.

If you see that you are going nowhere,pick something else.If not, UP the time.

I don’t want you to go all in into anything yet.Don’t quit your job or spend all your time in something you are not even sure you like.

You will notice that you are into something when it explodes and you start to take away more and more time to focus on this one thing.

Eventually you will reach a point where you hop from one thing to another and you gained some experience.You will get a feel at what it is that you want to do.But you got to:


Gotta start now.Tic toc…










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