How to survive a fight

I’ve been training martial arts on and off for a long time.

I always liked the concept of discipline,practice perfection,movement and reflexes.

Boxing,karate,grappling,mma.In my early teens i was heavily involved with this game,doing amateur fights and show fights.

Now it’s been some years and i rarely get into the ring,maybe do some heavy bag work every now and then,some light sparring and rope.Nothing fancy.

People get into martial arts for self defense.You are a teenager or in your early 20s,you want to have confidence and be able to defend yourself.Walking down the street and knowing that you can beat every guy is an immature,but self-powering feeling.

You are in a bar,someone is drank,he attacks you and you fight back.

You can’t wait to use your jab cross.Oh wait you are on the ground.No problem you will arm bar the guy.Oh wait,some other dude is stomping your head,while a fat guy is putting his fingers in your eyes.Now someone hits you with a broken beer bottle.

There goes your Muay Thai techniques out of the window.

As with everything this day and age,fighting has been glorified as the most primitive and raw activity on the earth.UFC(which i am fan),action movies etc show falsely how you should handle street fights.

‘Man,i feel like a cave man when i am in the cage?’

Really?You think a cave man would fight you with his fists?He would throw stones and kill you with a knife.You fight to save face and increase your perceived social value among the pussy,but he was fighting to kill,survive and find food.

Let me build my tristool of and argument,on what you need to survive a fight:

   1)Mass.Be a huge intimidating guy when face with the possibility of a fight.First thing you need to do,is diffuse the situation.If you are a big boy,tower the other guy and his group.Be a fucking lion.Just look him straight into the eyes,talk slowly and calmly.Most of the guys won’t even pick a fight with an intimidating guy,even though he may not know a thing about fighting.It’s all about perception.Bodybuilding is the best martial art ever.

   2)Athleticism.Endurance,strength,agility,speed and power.If the situation is escalated and you can’t do nothing to prevent it,RUN.Yes be a bitch and run.If you are cornered and you can’t get away or if there are other people who you need to protect,be the first to attack.Always.Now many people say that a martial artist can take on a bigger guy.That’s bullshit.If you are strong ,you can just sucker punch the guy or just pick him up and throw him around.Small frame,big egos.Little hands,little damage.That’s why there are weight classes.No matter how good of a martial artist your are,if i can lift you with one had,you don’t have a chance.Also,if you can take 100 punches and not gas out,then you win the fight.Do you know how may jiu-jitsu practitioners are fat pigs that can’t run a mile without fainting?

   3)The biggest,most important factor about surviving a fight,that tramps everything else,is your capacity for violence.How much damage you are comfortable to inflict to another human being.The fight is now going full force,2-3 guys are jumping you and you life in danger.Don’t you dare try to outbox or grapple them.You need to survive.You have a knife?Use it.Pick a rock and throw it.Rip their eyes apart.Grab their nuts and pull.Bite.Pick a bottle and smash them with it.Be ready to do serious damage if needed.You think Mike Tyson would survive a gunfight,with his boxing?No.Be a crazy motherfucker.

Step by step:Try to diffuse the situation.If you can’t, just walk away.If a fight is forced on you,be ready to kill*.

It seems that MMA is now trending,many people are attracted and of course they develop a feeling of superiority.Many figures are glorifying it.They believe getting punched in the face repeatedly for money is something youngsters should aspire to do.And in many cases,ought to do,in order to be tough and able to defend themselves.To spend hours and hours hitting the bag.

Don’t buy into this.UFC champions are not special.Especially the ones that play it tough on social media.They are athletes,who spend thousands of hours on their craft like any other athlete at any other sport.

Now,i shit talked a lot here.I have huge respect for martial arts and i believe that if you have the correct mentality they can help you in and out of fights.

  • You will learn to take a punch.
  • You will learn to throw a punch.
  • Higher pain threshold.
  • Self-confidence to walk away from a fight.
  • Awarness.You know what to do with your body in a dangerous situation.
  • Discipline.Work ethic,efficiency.
  • Combined with weight lifting,can get you into great shape.
  • Get you familiar with violence in a controlled and safe environment.You’ve been there before.You know what to do.
  • Increased capacity for violence.
  • *Can end situations were you don’t have a choice not to fight,but it’s not that serious in order to use excessive amounts of violence.
  • Help with good posture(aka project confidence)
  • Can calm your mind.
  • Humble you.Getting beat every day can really make you a better,more easy-going person,with a more clear perspective for life.
  • Lastly,environment full of masculinity and testosterone.If you are pussy,it will tough you up and let you improve your social skills.Locker room talk.

(Plus,women love bad boys that can fight,even if you never do).

As you can see,every single point has some connection with our 3-point statement above.To conclude,treat martial arts for what it is and don’t obsess over it.Don’t spend hours and hours if you are not going to do it professionally.Keep in my mind,that in order to survive a street fight,martial arts may be the last thing to use.


That’s it folks!




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