What if…

What if i was born rich?

What if i was tall?

What if i was the best athlete?

What if i had the best voice?

What if i’d done things differently?

What if…

People ask this question everyday.

It’s a cruel and unforgiving question,that will never reward you.

It’s mental masturbation.Numbs your mind from pain.

You go into a spiral of endless possibilities,fantasizing about a different life.

You dwell about the past,you are bitter about the present and angry about the future.



Wait now…Are you mindlessly just wondering and pondering about your life or these thoughts are your brain screaming at you?

Is this your brain trying to make you see what you REALLY want?

You put your favorite music on,you lay down and your mind starts drifting to a different reality.

At first.Then,some time goes by and the mixed ball of thoughts starts to unfold.You stop thinking about the past or about unrealistic things.You touch base,reallity.You are starting to have sane thoughts.Thoughts that actually make sense.

‘imagine getting that job’

‘Imagine passing this class’

‘Imagine talking to that girl’



Now you know!Now you see!

You understand what you really want.All along,your mind was telling you what to do.The uncertainty was never there.You just never listened.

Now you need action.Get off your ass and start doing.

Let’s make a deal.

The next time one of these thoughts come to your mind.stop EVERYTHING you do,get up and act towards it.

It doesn’t matter how small or big the step will be.Just making it happen.It will get you started.It will make mental culprit and turn your thoughts into reality.


‘Gosh,it would be nice to have a 6-pack…’

Great!Get up,go for a run.

Or throw away the candies.

‘Man, if only this girl liked me’

Get your phone and shoot her a text.

Talk to her through Facebook,twitter,whatever.

The important thing is to take action.

Just don’t give enough time to your mind,because your mind will actually back off.

You will go on flight or fight mode.

Act as soon as possible.


Who knew,that you already knew what you want.

When you are calm and relaxed,without stress,your own self will reveal to you your deepest secrets and desires,you just have to listen.

Silence can be louder than a hundred cannons.


That’s it folks!









Money and Happiness


‘Money is the root of all evil…’

‘You do everything for the money’

Money causes people to be evil and mean

Money doesn’t buy happiness

You hear these statements everyday.From the media,the taxi driver,your college teacher.

Money has become this abstract symbol that represents many different things.It is portrayed poorly and most of the times they use it to create a certain narrative.

Money means different things,depending on what place you have in life.

  • For a homeless person,money means to survive another day
  • For an artist,it means more free time to perfect his craft
  • For a college student,it means better education
  • For a family,money is a way to put food on the table
  • For a rich guy,money=freedom
  • For a country,money=power and influence

*Companies,banks etc are not entities by their own.They are just means to accumulate wealth.

Money is everything and nothing of the above.It can mean the whole world when you don’t have it and nothing when you have a lot.

You will have a different approach to it in different times of your life.

It depends on where you are right now and your hierarchy.


You want to take care of yourself .Buy food,pay rent or your medical bills.

Then you want to be independent and say ‘Fuck you,i don’t need you’ to everyone.

And then you take care of your loved ones.

Money transforms in relation to what you are.

If you are a psychopath,money would translate to power,to pussy,to privileges etc.

Many people just love the game of making it.So,it’s nothing but numbers on a paper.

But look at the title.Money and Happiness.

Does money buy happiness?

Can’t you tell?

‘But happiness is experiences and moments!’

I agree.

Money buys experiences.Money buys freedom.Money buys time


Why people buy a Ferrari?

Status symbol.Power.


But,have you ever drove a Ferrari?

You drive a ford focus.Pretty decent car,it serves you well.Can go from A to B and not break down.So,why would you want to buy and over-expensive piece of engine?

The experience.The half a million dollar Ferrari,worths that much because you buy the experience of driving this feat of engineering.

Why eat a 306$ steak,when you can eat a 6$ steak.It’s just meat.

Sure.But you are not paying for the food,you are paying for the experience:

Although,i don’t like most of Buzzfeed’s videos,this particular series gives an important lesson.

Watch these videos until the end.When they try the most expensive stuff,they don’t even say ‘Oh that tasted good’.They say it’s a different experience.

I am not saying throw away all your money to expensive clothes and cars.It’s not about that.

Feeling miserable and trapped?

You have the freedom to leave.Skip town.

Go anywhere in the world.Meet new people,learn new language and cultures.You have the freedom.

You can help the unfortunate.You can do whatever you want.

You have the freedom to say ‘No’ to things and people you don’t want(which is in itself a form of power).

And you have the all the time in the world to spend time with people you want.Your loved ones.

You are not bound to a 9-5.You can work,you can create.

You eat the best food,have the best medical care.You will live a long healthy life.

So,money and happiness.

Eventually it’s about how you use money.There are a lot of rich people who are miserable.

It’s not enough to have money.

Also,you don’t need extreme amounts either!

Now,it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work or challenge or better yourself.On the contrary,it means that money can enable you to improve and move forward.

You need to put the work in and handle your business!


That’s it folks!

How to stop stalling and take action NOW doing 8 simple things

Everyone starts somewhere.Your point zero.

You went on the internet seeking the knowledge to help you improve your life.You started learning and learning,you just shut your mouth and read everything you could find.

This should describe your first year.Your first year should be dedicated to consume as much information as possible.You are a newbie.

But there it goes.One,two,three years you are reading and reading every book and every post on the internet.You still didn’t make a lot of progress in your life.

Wanna know why?Because you don’t apply what you learn.You spend TOO much time consuming and zero time doing and living.I have been there.

It’s ok.Here’s what i did:

 1) Go for a walk.Everyday. When you find yourself too much inside your head,go out,get some sun and clear your head.

  2)Meditate. The best way to get focus,unplug and asses your priorities is to sit in a room,alone with your thoughts and meditate.

  3)Most people don’t act because they are scared of failure.Embrace it.Don’t be scared,you will fail again and again,you will also change as a person.Be open and accept everything.

  4)Lift some heavy ass weights.There is nothing more grounding than doing squats and deadlifts.

  5)Keep a notebook.Write a to do list.That way you will have a plan,a step by step, on what to do everyday,so you avoid procrastination and actually move forward.

  6)Riff.Talk with other people.Talk to the cashier at the bank or the grocery shop.Small talk,although boring,can get you out of your shell and make you comfortable talking to strangers and expose yourself.Most internet dwellers are socially retarded.

  7)Get a hobby.It can be a musical instrument,a foreign language,dance class or some kind of sport.Preferably,i would choose something that includes other people,so you get a chance to socialize.

  8)Finally,there is too much noise and useless information out there.Every 1-2 months,take a week off.What do i mean?For 1 week DO NOT consume any information.Don’t read,don’t watch TV,don’t go on social media.If you want information about something you are forced to talk with people.You will see your creativity go through the roof.You will have so many ideas,you will not be able to act on everything.

Now let’s examine your life from another perspective and see what is really going on and why inaction is so fatal:

You read.You dress well and you eat right.

You spend a lot of time consuming book after book and post after post,learning how to make money,how to be alpha ,how to meet women etc.

Hours upon hours.You spend a lot of time self improving.


Meanwhile,there is an ugly,beta,fat fuck out there,with a girlfriend,a decent job and a solid social group.

He hasn’t read a book since he was in college,he wears an oversized shirt and a baggy pair of pants,he eats junk every day and he never lifted anything over 5 pounds.

Wait…how this guy can achieve anything?

Simple.He lives.

He lives his life.He takes action.He does not spend his whole day in the house,reading up forums,waiting for the perfect magical blog post that will give him the solutions to all of his problems.

He talks to people,to women,he socialize and has fun.

Self improvement can be another excuse for inaction.It’s another way to feed your wounded ego in order to feel special,because you are underachieving in your life. Self improvement can actually be the worst form of procrastination and mental masturbation.

You can be the wisest man,the most good looking,the most confident but if you don’t take action,you will never succeed .

You don’t need to put your life on hold,until the perfect moment comes and change your life.

That’s the bullshit,generic stuff you see chicks posting on tumblr.

You want something?Go get it.

Now.Now it’s the time.

Do and improve.


Period.You can’t go around that.

The only think you can attain online is advice,tools to get there faster and with more efficiency.

In the end it’s up to you to go from A to B and fulfill your desires.

Spend more time doing than improving.That’s the only way to improve even faster.

Give up the notion of being better than the others,because you ‘know stuff’.

Kill your ego know.

Truth is,if you actively trying to change your life,you are above average…actually WAY above average.But notice the ‘actively’.

If you only spend your time reading and not doing,then you are not better than the next guy who spends 8 hours watching netflix.

The process of self improving should be enjoyable of course,but should not be confused with entertainment.You need to challenge yourself to learn.

This journey is a marathon.A never ending one.The idea is to go beyond the finish line.

There should be never be a point where you say ‘I am done improving’.The moment you stop learning you become a prisoner of your own limiting and pre-determined thought patterns.You stall.You die.

So,since you will never be perfect,there is not a perfect time to act.So act as soon as possible.NOW.Yesterday is late.

They say your biggest opponent is yourself.I say your biggest opponent and friend,is TIME.



That’s it folks!






Give them hell.

It’s been a few hours since the UFC 205 ended and i am writing this.

Lots of good fights,a lot of heart,hard work and talent.

Of course the one fight that changed history is Connor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor is now two divisions world champion.

A kid from Ireland has become one of the most dominant athletes of the 21st century.

Impressive performance,impressive shots and precision.

We know that fighting is way more than your physical strengths.What is special about this fellow is his mental game.

There’s a lot to tell about his mindset.After he beat Eddie he said:

I want to apologize…to absolotely NOBODY!

Connor McGregor

As you know,i believe that in martial arts,the ability to kick someone’s ass is their LEAST useful trait of them.

There is a message to take from his statement,that goes beyond big punches and guillotines.

Do not apologise for anything or anyone in your life.

It’s your life,your dreams,your struggle,your achievements.Don’t ask permission and don’t ask forgiveness and approval for what you do.Take names and roll their heads.Make hell.

It’s more than confidence and narcissism.It’s purpose.

If you have a clear vision,a path to follow,you will see the road to victory and no one will be able to take this away from you.

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.Don’t be afraid to show yourself.

I want to apologize to absolutely nobody…

He hurt their feelings,their egos,their view of what’s possible.He behaved like he was entitled to 2 belts,to expensive cars and clothes.And he got everything.


Sorry not sorry….

That’s it folks!

But what if Trump fails….

Trump won.Great.There are two possibilities right now:

1)He does what every politician has done since the beginning of time.He will be the poster boy of America,while having minimum real power.He will serve interests and keep fucking with the middle east,as Bush,Obama did and Clinton would do.

2)He actually tries to make a difference.He says a big ‘fuck you’ to his former peers and goes against his own interests(as a business man),he creates infrastructures while he goes default on the debt etc.

Now,what’s the outcome.In the first instance nothing big will happen.Some portion of the right-wing will despise him,but the majority are sheep anyway,so they will keep supporting him.
In the second scenario,the economy fails,because a country going default on its debt,while borrowing money to create jobs,although it will give work,it will also create a big fucking bubble ready to burst.
Funny thing is that the economy would crush anyway…

The stakes are high now.If Trump fails and destroys the already on the verge of chaos economy,then the blame will not only go on him,but to the whole nationalist movement.

Then we are in even deeper shit.We are going to face a full media attack.The whole movement will get a world wide punch in the face.Every journalist,politician,actor,random anti-Trump person will blame the right-wing for every goddamn problem in the world.

Remember the ‘Thanks Obama’ meme?The difference now is that there is hate and the people are already divided,before Trump made ANY changes.

I want Trump to be the same as any other politician.If he tries something different and fails,everyone will go down with him.

But we don’t actually have to worry about any of this.You know why?

  • We have no actual power over this.None.So why even worry for something you can’t change.
  • What they do up there can’t and/or should not affect you anyway.Be independent,take care of business and don’t give a fuck.
  • Economic crises,debt etc are very common and integrated into our socioeconomic system.So,whoever is in charge can’t do anything about it.
  • Politicians don’t actually give  A FUCK about you.You are numbers to them.You think Trump can relate to your problems?

So there you go.My 0.02 cents.

Let me add one more thing though.To the people who are acting like a bunch of little girls because some random fellow became president,hold your frame.You look the same as when feminists and SJW’s get triggered and over-excited.

Calm down.Seeing people shouting ‘Build a wall’ and crap like this is ridiculous.


That’s it folks…




I can’t sleep

Sleep is very important for your well-being,productivity and mental health.

I am one of those people who if i don’t get 8 hours of sleep,i am miserable and can’t do anything,but lay on the couch all day.It’s pretty bad.

Since i was a little kid,i loved sleeping.

I didn’t understand the ones that stayed up all night working or got up early to get things done.

I always thought they were taking it too far.

In the day,i was exhausted from work and i could not wait to go to bed and pass out.

Truth is,that i didn’t enjoy what i was doing in the morning.I would hit the snooze button a 1000 times before i got up to start my day.Like everyone else.

Many times i would sleep 10-12 hours a day.Since my schedule is weird i can sleep in until 12 or 1 o’clock.

Then something changed.I finally changed my mindset and started doing things i loved.

I work my ass off everyday,until i can’t keep my eyes open.

Now, i have to force my self to my bed.

I am waiting for the morning to come with eagerness!

When the sunlight gets into my dark bedroom,i am up and running full of energy.

I grew to ‘dislike’ sleep.

Don’t misinterpret  it though.Of course you need your 8 hours.But I was taking it too far.Because i didn’t have anything really productive or exciting thing to do,i would let my self over do it.

I want to be able to get 5-6 hours and be good to go,like Trump(since it’s election day in the USA,let’s be current).Well,i can’t but only the thought alone,makes me realize how important it is to do things you like,to spend your time efficiently and into something that’s important.

When you lay in bed,your heart is beating in your chest full of excitement and anticipation for the new day,when you can’t sleep because you are too excited,then you know you are doing something with your life that matter.You are on the right path.

Don’t hit the snooze button.Get up.Handle your business.

Also,when you sleep is very important.I would wake up at 12 in the afternoon,being a zombie,while i had missed half my day.

8 hours of sleep from 11-7 is 10x better than 10 hours from 2-12.

Quality over quantity.

Short and simple.

That’s it folks!


Random Thoughts #3

It’s a month and a half since i started writing this blog.

I don’t have  a specific purpose.As i said before this is my canvas where i get to spit ideas left and right,in order to get my mind at ease.

My writing skills suck right now.It’s obvious.I am used in writing for other people,blogs,newspapers etc.Sometimes is difficult to contain my emotions and i just write raw,right as ideas come out of my head.It’s difficult to write my thoughts and sometimes is exhausting because it’s my truth and worldview out there.The truth is hard and painful sometimes.

I am not able yet to produce the real me 100%,but i am improving.

If even one person can grasp even a little nugget of what i am saying,it means that there’s a connection and that’s just beautiful.

Anyway.Altough this is more of a personal space for me,i am so glad that there are people who read some of my stuff.Feel free to interact and ask me anything.Since we are a very small groups,it’s easy to exchange ideas and maybe create a little community.

Lastly,i realized that society makes you ‘hide’ your true self even by YOURSELF,in order to keep you in check.You have to dig deeper and deeper to understand who you are.I know,sounds cliché.But it’s a real process that takes time.There are stages you have to pass.If you want to improve yourself,you need to establish your base,your starting point.

This week i am gonna write about my experience with meditation and how I started.Meditation is one of the few tools you have in your disposal,that can reveal the real you.Until then…