One lethal mistake

Years ago i did a very big mistake that cost me many years of money,success and prosperity.

No i didn’t get in debt or married.I didn’t lose my money to a scam artist or missed a big opportunity.

My mistake wasn’t physical either.It was a mental thing.

I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I was broke,living with pennies,stuck in a dead-end job.But my mind was in the right place.I’ve spend a lot of time reading books,acquiring knowledge,working on mindset and failing at a bunch of side projects(which is good).

It had been a good year and a half,since i decided to turn my shit around.The rewards were just starting to flow in.Still i didn’t make any money,though.

For the last 1 month i was starting to get obsessed.Obsessed with my side projects, with making money,with being independent.

Something clicked.For the first time,i had the feeling i was going places.Like something in my brain switched.Literally,i could observe it in my thought patterns.I was entering  a new stage.But then…

It was around afternoon,hot as hell outside,the perfect summer day  and i was hustling,grinding away inside.

I was in the flow.

I was brainstorming new ideas.I was thinking money 24/7.My friend called me and i didn’t even hear what he told me.I hang up the phone and i was thinking how i could package this local produced oil,in order to sale it.I didn’t give a shit about anyone.My girlfriend at that time was nagging me about being disrespectful.I didn’t understand her.Money was my language and winning was my statement.

Then,right there,i fucked up.I fucked up so easily.

My former self was what you call a nice guy.Cared about everything and everyone.Had a victim mentality and generally being scared about life.

I remember thinking:’Wait a minute,why i am so obsessed all of a sudden about money and stuff?

I felt like i was doing something ‘bad’.I thought that this extreme focus on succeeding was ‘bad’ and i was missing a lot out of life.

Truth is,i was scared shitless.The first moment in my life,that my mind was right and i was working to improve my life,i backed off.I was so scared.

Only now,in hindsight i can admit it.

I made up a million excuses back then.

‘It’s not spiritual,money is the devil,life is more that succeeding’.

But again,now i can feel it.I can ‘feel’ the truth.Oh my god,i was SO scared.

My personality was changing.I was becoming a different person and i didn’t know how i would end up.I was terrified of the unknown.

I don’t know if you understand what i am saying right now.You need to experience this to understand it.

That day,i got up and stopped working on my projects.The next day i tried getting back to it,but something was blocking me.Something was off(my mindset).

Then i gave up and forgot about it.I got a job and i was comfortable.

Funny thing is,that if i gone through with one particular idea,i would not have needed that job i got.

I fucked up.I lost so much time.I was TOO young and the discipline wasn’t really there,only motivation and enthusiasm.One day off,one day off without the right mindset and i screwed up.

But  i have some mindset advice for you,for the period where you have nothing.What to do at point zero:

  1. Don’t be scared of the changes.You WILL change,that’s a given and that’s good.If you don’t change,it means you are not improving,hence you are falling behind.
  2. If you are thinking about quitting,that’s the moment you got to push through.You are near something good.
  3. Leap of faith.Just do it.The unknown can be scary,but what the hell are you gonna do with your life?Watch TV and jerk off all day?
  4. Give in the obsession.Let it consume you.If you feel that everything you think about all day is your obsession,then you are doing something right.Keep it up.
  5. Failure.Isn’t failure great?When your plans fail and your empire crumbles,you have the opportunity to grow in a much faster pace.On the downfall,you can observe the path you took,the mistakes you made.Before dying you see your life flashing before your eyes,but if you get up you can relive it 10x better.Plants have to rot,so the soil can get rich.
  6. Consistency.Choose what you want to do and do it for some hours every day.Every day.Let it be your habit.
  7. Do a lot of things at a time.(Wait for a post on that subject).

It took me quite some time to get my mind right again.To get in to the ‘winner-zone’.But trust me when you finally break into it,EVERYTHING you touch will become gold.You will not even understand how.You will live in YOUR world,where you are the KING.Everything you want is yours,the hardest,most unrewarding step is to start.GET GOING.

That’s it folks.


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