Random Thoughts #3

It’s a month and a half since i started writing this blog.

I don’t have  a specific purpose.As i said before this is my canvas where i get to spit ideas left and right,in order to get my mind at ease.

My writing skills suck right now.It’s obvious.I am used in writing for other people,blogs,newspapers etc.Sometimes is difficult to contain my emotions and i just write raw,right as ideas come out of my head.It’s difficult to write my thoughts and sometimes is exhausting because it’s my truth and worldview out there.The truth is hard and painful sometimes.

I am not able yet to produce the real me 100%,but i am improving.

If even one person can grasp even a little nugget of what i am saying,it means that there’s a connection and that’s just beautiful.

Anyway.Altough this is more of a personal space for me,i am so glad that there are people who read some of my stuff.Feel free to interact and ask me anything.Since we are a very small groups,it’s easy to exchange ideas and maybe create a little community.

Lastly,i realized that society makes you ‘hide’ your true self even by YOURSELF,in order to keep you in check.You have to dig deeper and deeper to understand who you are.I know,sounds cliché.But it’s a real process that takes time.There are stages you have to pass.If you want to improve yourself,you need to establish your base,your starting point.

This week i am gonna write about my experience with meditation and how I started.Meditation is one of the few tools you have in your disposal,that can reveal the real you.Until then…





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