But what if Trump fails….

Trump won.Great.There are two possibilities right now:

1)He does what every politician has done since the beginning of time.He will be the poster boy of America,while having minimum real power.He will serve interests and keep fucking with the middle east,as Bush,Obama did and Clinton would do.

2)He actually tries to make a difference.He says a big ‘fuck you’ to his former peers and goes against his own interests(as a business man),he creates infrastructures while he goes default on the debt etc.

Now,what’s the outcome.In the first instance nothing big will happen.Some portion of the right-wing will despise him,but the majority are sheep anyway,so they will keep supporting him.
In the second scenario,the economy fails,because a country going default on its debt,while borrowing money to create jobs,although it will give work,it will also create a big fucking bubble ready to burst.
Funny thing is that the economy would crush anyway…

The stakes are high now.If Trump fails and destroys the already on the verge of chaos economy,then the blame will not only go on him,but to the whole nationalist movement.

Then we are in even deeper shit.We are going to face a full media attack.The whole movement will get a world wide punch in the face.Every journalist,politician,actor,random anti-Trump person will blame the right-wing for every goddamn problem in the world.

Remember the ‘Thanks Obama’ meme?The difference now is that there is hate and the people are already divided,before Trump made ANY changes.

I want Trump to be the same as any other politician.If he tries something different and fails,everyone will go down with him.

But we don’t actually have to worry about any of this.You know why?

  • We have no actual power over this.None.So why even worry for something you can’t change.
  • What they do up there can’t and/or should not affect you anyway.Be independent,take care of business and don’t give a fuck.
  • Economic crises,debt etc are very common and integrated into our socioeconomic system.So,whoever is in charge can’t do anything about it.
  • Politicians don’t actually give  A FUCK about you.You are numbers to them.You think Trump can relate to your problems?

So there you go.My 0.02 cents.

Let me add one more thing though.To the people who are acting like a bunch of little girls because some random fellow became president,hold your frame.You look the same as when feminists and SJW’s get triggered and over-excited.

Calm down.Seeing people shouting ‘Build a wall’ and crap like this is ridiculous.


That’s it folks…





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