Give them hell.

It’s been a few hours since the UFC 205 ended and i am writing this.

Lots of good fights,a lot of heart,hard work and talent.

Of course the one fight that changed history is Connor McGregor vs Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor is now two divisions world champion.

A kid from Ireland has become one of the most dominant athletes of the 21st century.

Impressive performance,impressive shots and precision.

We know that fighting is way more than your physical strengths.What is special about this fellow is his mental game.

There’s a lot to tell about his mindset.After he beat Eddie he said:

I want to apologize…to absolotely NOBODY!

Connor McGregor

As you know,i believe that in martial arts,the ability to kick someone’s ass is their LEAST useful trait of them.

There is a message to take from his statement,that goes beyond big punches and guillotines.

Do not apologise for anything or anyone in your life.

It’s your life,your dreams,your struggle,your achievements.Don’t ask permission and don’t ask forgiveness and approval for what you do.Take names and roll their heads.Make hell.

It’s more than confidence and narcissism.It’s purpose.

If you have a clear vision,a path to follow,you will see the road to victory and no one will be able to take this away from you.

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.Don’t be afraid to show yourself.

I want to apologize to absolutely nobody…

He hurt their feelings,their egos,their view of what’s possible.He behaved like he was entitled to 2 belts,to expensive cars and clothes.And he got everything.


Sorry not sorry….

That’s it folks!


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