Money and Happiness


‘Money is the root of all evil…’

‘You do everything for the money’

Money causes people to be evil and mean

Money doesn’t buy happiness

You hear these statements everyday.From the media,the taxi driver,your college teacher.

Money has become this abstract symbol that represents many different things.It is portrayed poorly and most of the times they use it to create a certain narrative.

Money means different things,depending on what place you have in life.

  • For a homeless person,money means to survive another day
  • For an artist,it means more free time to perfect his craft
  • For a college student,it means better education
  • For a family,money is a way to put food on the table
  • For a rich guy,money=freedom
  • For a country,money=power and influence

*Companies,banks etc are not entities by their own.They are just means to accumulate wealth.

Money is everything and nothing of the above.It can mean the whole world when you don’t have it and nothing when you have a lot.

You will have a different approach to it in different times of your life.

It depends on where you are right now and your hierarchy.


You want to take care of yourself .Buy food,pay rent or your medical bills.

Then you want to be independent and say ‘Fuck you,i don’t need you’ to everyone.

And then you take care of your loved ones.

Money transforms in relation to what you are.

If you are a psychopath,money would translate to power,to pussy,to privileges etc.

Many people just love the game of making it.So,it’s nothing but numbers on a paper.

But look at the title.Money and Happiness.

Does money buy happiness?

Can’t you tell?

‘But happiness is experiences and moments!’

I agree.

Money buys experiences.Money buys freedom.Money buys time


Why people buy a Ferrari?

Status symbol.Power.


But,have you ever drove a Ferrari?

You drive a ford focus.Pretty decent car,it serves you well.Can go from A to B and not break down.So,why would you want to buy and over-expensive piece of engine?

The experience.The half a million dollar Ferrari,worths that much because you buy the experience of driving this feat of engineering.

Why eat a 306$ steak,when you can eat a 6$ steak.It’s just meat.

Sure.But you are not paying for the food,you are paying for the experience:

Although,i don’t like most of Buzzfeed’s videos,this particular series gives an important lesson.

Watch these videos until the end.When they try the most expensive stuff,they don’t even say ‘Oh that tasted good’.They say it’s a different experience.

I am not saying throw away all your money to expensive clothes and cars.It’s not about that.

Feeling miserable and trapped?

You have the freedom to leave.Skip town.

Go anywhere in the world.Meet new people,learn new language and cultures.You have the freedom.

You can help the unfortunate.You can do whatever you want.

You have the freedom to say ‘No’ to things and people you don’t want(which is in itself a form of power).

And you have the all the time in the world to spend time with people you want.Your loved ones.

You are not bound to a 9-5.You can work,you can create.

You eat the best food,have the best medical care.You will live a long healthy life.

So,money and happiness.

Eventually it’s about how you use money.There are a lot of rich people who are miserable.

It’s not enough to have money.

Also,you don’t need extreme amounts either!

Now,it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work or challenge or better yourself.On the contrary,it means that money can enable you to improve and move forward.

You need to put the work in and handle your business!


That’s it folks!


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