What if…

What if i was born rich?

What if i was tall?

What if i was the best athlete?

What if i had the best voice?

What if i’d done things differently?

What if…

People ask this question everyday.

It’s a cruel and unforgiving question,that will never reward you.

It’s mental masturbation.Numbs your mind from pain.

You go into a spiral of endless possibilities,fantasizing about a different life.

You dwell about the past,you are bitter about the present and angry about the future.



Wait now…Are you mindlessly just wondering and pondering about your life or these thoughts are your brain screaming at you?

Is this your brain trying to make you see what you REALLY want?

You put your favorite music on,you lay down and your mind starts drifting to a different reality.

At first.Then,some time goes by and the mixed ball of thoughts starts to unfold.You stop thinking about the past or about unrealistic things.You touch base,reallity.You are starting to have sane thoughts.Thoughts that actually make sense.

‘imagine getting that job’

‘Imagine passing this class’

‘Imagine talking to that girl’



Now you know!Now you see!

You understand what you really want.All along,your mind was telling you what to do.The uncertainty was never there.You just never listened.

Now you need action.Get off your ass and start doing.

Let’s make a deal.

The next time one of these thoughts come to your mind.stop EVERYTHING you do,get up and act towards it.

It doesn’t matter how small or big the step will be.Just making it happen.It will get you started.It will make mental culprit and turn your thoughts into reality.


‘Gosh,it would be nice to have a 6-pack…’

Great!Get up,go for a run.

Or throw away the candies.

‘Man, if only this girl liked me’

Get your phone and shoot her a text.

Talk to her through Facebook,twitter,whatever.

The important thing is to take action.

Just don’t give enough time to your mind,because your mind will actually back off.

You will go on flight or fight mode.

Act as soon as possible.


Who knew,that you already knew what you want.

When you are calm and relaxed,without stress,your own self will reveal to you your deepest secrets and desires,you just have to listen.

Silence can be louder than a hundred cannons.


That’s it folks!









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