Shutter Reallity

Do you remember the last time you waited in a line to pay for groceries?

Do you remember the guy cutting the line,because he was ‘in a hurry?’

What did you do?

How did you feel?

‘It’s not right he did that,but maybe he is busy’

‘I don’t want to say anything,i don’t want to be reactive’

‘I don’t want to cause trouble’

‘Who cares,i will just wait 3 more minutes’

‘Maybe someone else will talk’

You look down,mumble something about rudeness and that’s it.


You may think that this is not a big deal.You were polite to let him go first.You wanted it.

Yes,that’s it.You wanted to help him,YOU allowed him…Although he didn’t say thanks…

This has happened before.The other day at the bank.

It happened in the restaurant.They got you the wrong dish,but you still ate it without complaining.

Remember saying sorry because you were in the way?

Remember when people ignore you when you talk?

Remember the cute girl you didn’t have the courage to talk to?

Remember your didn’t ask for that raise?

Remember you didn’t pursue this idea?


Do you remember ALL the times you let yourself down?

All the times you put others above you?

Do you remember the feeling of being lesser than the others?

Maybe you don’t.


The guy in the mirror remembers.The guy in the mirror you look everyday and say today is different.’Today i will handle my buisiness.I will take control.I will impose my OWN reality.’

The guy is looking at you.Looks down on you.Are you comfortable looking this guy in the mirror?

Every morning you make sure your teeth are clean,your hair is tight,your cloths are good etc.

Everyday you look in the mirror to make sure that guy is looking good.

How you feel looking him in the eyes after your day is over?

In the morning you promised him you will get what is yours.

Are you comfortable lying to him?

Would you lie to your friends?


You need the guy in the mirror.You need him.

He is the manifestation of your deepest desires.

He is the future you want.

You need to get him out!You need his help.

What you need to do?



Shutter your image.Kill your alter ego.

You need to kill what it’s inside that mirror so you can let it grow inside you.


You need to destroy reality.

When you are sick,your organism kills the bacteria,because they are foreign to the body.

They don’t belong there.

YOU do not belong in this reallity.You are sick.

You are a patient trapped in a hospital.


In order to create your own reality you need to eliminate the one you are looking.

You need to say a big fat NO to the reality society tries to create around you.


  • A guy cuts the line.Call him out.
  • Talk loudly.
  • Move proudly
  • Apologise to none.
  • Talk to everyone.
  • Create businesses
  • Say NO.
  • Say YES only to things you really want to do.
  • Disagree.
  • No regrets.
  • Look straight into their eyes.
  • Disregard the opinion of everyone.
  • Own everything.Touch,move around,claim everything and everyone.
  • Shout.
  • Be sarcastic,joke about everything.
  • Be super serious.
  • Irrational confidence.
  • You can do everything.
  • Declare this.
  • If it doesn’t work,double down.
  • Try again and again and again because you can do everything.

Society tells you yes?

You say no and do the exact opposite.

Be a blind wolf.

You don’t see anything.You can only imagine how things look like or work.

And most of the time that’s how things are.


It is snowing today.I was cold.

I went out and shouted to the sky.

No one notices the crazy one,but everyone wants to be like him…



That’s it folks!











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