Random Thoughts #4

It’s been some time right?

Almost 3 months and this blog has been cathartic!

We’ve reached over 3000 views and 1000 unique visitor,which is awesome for something i do for fun!

I still struggle to get my message out,but i am finding my true voice slowly.

I have found my writing rhythm and i am very very happy with my last 4 blog posts.

My thoughts are more clear and they are easier to manifest into words.

I realize that i have so much content i want to write.

It’s funny that i haven’t realized the depths of my craziness until i started writing this blog.I love it!

My next goal to write a small free e-book about visualization.It’s a question i get a lot and i have some unique perspective and techniques and i think a 6-7 pages e-book will be able to cover this.

I want to get it done by February.

In the meantime,i will publish tomorrow why you should not follow me…expanding on my latest post!

Thanks to everyone who read even one line i wrote!

That’s it folks!


P.S:If you want to interact with me,follow me on twitter.

I am connected with some great people there,great content and insights!



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