How to think freely and speak freely

Since you were a little kid,you wanted to fit in.

You wanted to be a good boy for your ‘mommy’.

You went to school and you had to have a perfect behaviour so the teachers won’t yell at you and give you bad grades.

Later on,you wanted to be a nice guy so the girls may like you.

Then you got a job and you didn’t want to upset your boss.

You didn’t want to upset society.

You were a normal guy ,leading a mediocre life.

In the meantime,to achieve all of the above you had to cut down ‘expenses‘.

Your wants and needs were cut down.Your urges,your desires…

Your thoughts were confined by the limits created by society’s narrative.

It’s all good.If you don’t belong,you are a freak right?

You are an outlaw,a criminal.

Getting what you want is selfish ,right?

Life must be hard,right?


All those people living life on their terms are outliers.

You just want to fit in.You are scared to be alone outside,in the dark.

You wanna have a tribe.

Do you know what’s the most common trait of dump people?

The desire to be in a tribe,a group.

People fight over anything,because they have to take a side,they have to follow someone.

A sports team,a political group,a clique,a fraternity etc.

Which is all good.

You can do all these things,but be outcome independent.

Be a hypocrite,not a follower.

In order to be mentally free,you need to have the ability to take the good and disregard the bad in any situation.

Most of these group have some short of leader or influencer.

Some people who have built authority,hence many ideas go unexplained or without critical thought.

They form groupies who follow them blindly and don’t disagree with anything,because they fear they will get ostracized.

It is a very common phenomenon of low IQ people.They can’t form their own thoughts or don’t have the powerful personality to disavow any kind of authority over their intellectuality or world theory.

They also fall for mass pshycology.They behave like the next guy behaves so it creates a vicious cycle.

Take a look at some examples:

  • Sports.People beat up other people for cheering a different team.Pathetique.
  • Politics.Following a leader who does not really care about you and his success has zero impact on your life.
  • Being proud about being of a certain nationality,while it was a matter of pure luck that you did.
  • Socially pre-approved opinions.’The man always pay at the first date’ or ‘Money is evil‘.
  • Opinions of people in Tv,aka celebrities.Immediate approvement.’Leonardo DiCaprio said it so it must be true’.

Common theme is,that rich people are smart and famous people are smart,hence their opinions are worth more than yours,so you must obey.

That’s how authority works.Celebrities endorse politicians for a reason(not a ‘cheap’ reason).

There is a misconception about famous/rich/successful people ,perpetuated by the media.

These people are not special.

The moment you realize that every person,who in your eyes,is winning in life,is not smarter than you,then you will have made a leap towards improving yourself and your outlook in life.

This ‘revelation’ when internalized,can be the sole reason you will be able to ‘escape’ society and the average life.

You will have a life of abundance.

But the point of this post,is to make you aware of yourself.

More precisely,make you aware of your own thoughts.

It’s easy to get caught in what everyone thinks.

Do not care about what people think of you.Ever.Even if it’s good.They change their opinions really fast.

Free your mind and you will free your will.

Escape the clutter of information and pre-packed opinions.


1)Be a contrarian.When faced with an opinion,always assume or think in your head the opposite.Even if the original thought was yours,always entertain the opposite.Disagree with yourself.That way,when you reach a conclusion,you will now for sure it’s yours.Also,this will increase the quality of your conversations.Examining all the possibilities and different perspectives lead to great ideas and better understanding of the subject.

2)Go into a debate/discussion,allowing the possibility you being completely wrong.The objective of a heated debate should be to learn from each other,rethink ideas and opinions and mature your ability to accept different ones.If you go in with the mentality of ‘winning'(i.e making the person change his mind) then you are already a loser.Unless you have an agenda.Then you shouldn’t rely on facts or critical thinking,but only emotion and other Machiavellian tactics,which in itself deserves a whole other post.

3)Take your time.Let the new idea,ideology or thought sink in.Give your brain time to analyze it.Then decide if you agree or not.Don’t be too eager to agree or disagree.

4)Have a personality.That’s the gist and the most important thing.Don’t let charms,beauty,glamour or authority rob you of your critical thinking,by appealing to your emotions or impressionabillity.I’ve seen dozens of guys being brain and yes-men around beautiful women.I’ve seen people voting for certain candidates,only because a guy they look up to told them.I’ve seen guys afraid to disagree(or even worse,pretending to agree whole-hearted) just because they want other people to like them or because they are not popular.

Free your mind and you will free your will.

If you don’t speak true,how are you gonna take what you want?

How are you gonna manifest your will?

But i understand it takes practice to be able to say what you want.

Actually,my bad.It take balls.

The fastest way is to acquire Fuck you-money.

Yeah,that will solve most of your problems.

But for now,let’s make it simpler.

I want you for the next 3 days to say:’No’.


That’s right.There’s your magic word.

‘Hey Mike,wanna grab a coffee?’


‘Hey baby,i want to see you tonight’


You should do ONLY things you really want to do.If you don’t feel like it,you say no.

If they ask why,you are not allowed to say.Just no.


So there you have it.How to think freely and speak freely.This applies to me too of course.

You can disagree with me in the comments!

Feel Free….


That’s it folks!













7 thoughts on “How to think freely and speak freely”

  1. I’ve just read all of your blog posts and your tweets. Good work!!

    I think there are two problems you need to address.

    1) Your voice: You constantly keep on changing the way you write your posts. As of now your tone sounds like the one blackdragon uses.

    You’ve got to find your own unique voice. Your content is really good but without your natural voice, it just seems lifeless…. Felt like I was reading blackdragon’s blog.

    2) Do not change the tone of your voice– You sound motivating in one post and logical in other. Felt like I was reading content written by two different authors.

    Good luck.


  2. Thank you for your feedback!

    I don’t even know who blackdragon is to tell you the truth.You have a point though.
    I have to admit that my ‘voice’ changes,because
    1)I am experimenting
    2)The subject of every blog post requires different approach
    3)And finally,i have a juxtaposition personallity afterall.
    It’s a matter of writing more,in order to ‘mix’ better the seemingly different aspects of my character!

    Looking forward to hearing from you again!


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