About Virtue and Options

What is virtue?

Who is a virtuous man?

Someone who subjugate his behaviour to par his high moral standards.

Practically,he is a man who will not cheat on his girlfriend,won’t betray his friends,won’t steal,lie,kill or in any way cause go against his values.

The one who has ethos.

The english translation for ethos is ‘character’.But more accurately,it’s morality.Doing the right thing.Or the most optimal(?)

The kick here is that ethos/morality are subjective to the individual.Or at least that’s what Plato says.

There are different schools of thought regarding personal and social morals.

From Aristoteles to Plato to Eracletus to Seneca and the list goes on.

If we inspect history carefully we will see that the morals of society(politiki) change based on chronology,wars,technological advancements,religion and political system.

*Notice that once upon a time politics was the same thing as the values of a society.Does certain political ideologies flourish under certain values or vice versa?

For example ,100 years ago,women didn’t have the right to vote.And 200 years ago it was normal to have slaves.

Realistically speaking,even if there are objective morals,can we really achieve an ideal society based on them?

How that would affect the individuality and free thinking of people?

That is for you to answer.

To get back on the matter at hand,who is really virtuous?

If a man says he is not gonna betray his friend,how can you trust him?

More importantly,how can he trust himself and say that he is virtuous?

Did he ever have the chance to prove it?

Did the devil ever hit his door and he didn’t answer?

Let’s say that your best friend is having a gorgeous girlfriend.How many times did you think about you two together?

But sure,that’s in human nature.Of course you would never betray your friend and sleep with his girlfriend.You are a virtuous man,right?

Now,if one day she comes by you house,she gets naked and starts kissing you and rubbing your dick…are you still a virtuous man?

Can you see the difference now?

You trick,foul yourself into thinking you are virtuous(based on the current societal morals) to feel better,while you really don’t know.

The chances you would get laid with her are very low.So it’s not a matter of you being virtuous.It’s just that you have no options.

You are loyal to you girlfriend.You would never cheat on her.


Or maybe is that you can’t cheat even if you wanted too?

No options.

A man with no options can not show virtue.

That’s why when a politician or celebrity gets caught doing something ‘immoral’ by the standards of society,every white knight,puritan journalist and ‘moral’ woman,goes into frenzy judging him and his choices and how unacceptable this is.

Yeah,like they know how it is to have millions of dollars and 100s of chicks waiting for you to blow your brains out in every corner.

Please notice how these ‘moral’ women on the TV would be the first one to indulge with ANY celebrity or celebrity status ‘immoral’ man.

Is a man virtue-less until he is proven virtue?

Like Callimachus said:’There is no one more ungrateful,than the graced’.

Someone must give you something first in order to deem you grateful or ungrateful depending on your actions.

It’s always subjective to the  observer.

Is every one guilty until proven otherwise?(in society the opposite is applied,but not in reality).

Do you see the glass half-full or half-empty?

The Schrödinger’s cat was an experiment that showed a cat being in a box with a timer that would release a lethal poison in an unexpected time.

Until they opened the box,the cat was both dead and alive.

Until a man shows virtue,he is both moral and immoral.

But does the absence of morals,amorality,means that you disregard morals in general,hence morals of other people?

Doesn’t that make you immoral,through your actions,since they go against other people’s morals?

Or the negative connotation of amorality stems from fear?(see religion).

Is morality a social construct after all?

Truth is,that’s not important,because people are gonna have morals no matter what.

But there will be subjective.A mixture of intelligence and social nurture.

What are you gonna do though?

No matter what your philosophical view is,you have to be a realist.

Even if people are virtuous,ethical and have strong character deep down,you are safer if you wait to deem someone virtue after they showed such characteristics.

Don’t jump the gun about a optionless guy.

But what about women?

Who is a virtuous woman?

That is more simple.Women are on the passive spectrum of social dynamics.

They receive,but don’t act.

Men build temptation(they hit on women),women merely accept it(they say yes or no).

For a woman to be virtuous,she just has to exclude herself from situations that would deem her un-virtuous.

For example,a woman with a boyfriend would not put herself in a party full of single men,wearing the most provocative clothes she can find.

*Don’t confuse this statement.I am not suggesting don’t go out and have fun.Actually i am not even suggesting to do the above.I am just presenting some observations.

And if someone did approach her,she would cut him off.

But the optionless woman still applies.

If a guy approaches you,but you don’t like him at all,can you really say that your ‘no’ to him,had a moral high ground or that your absence of physical attraction to him prevented you from saying ‘yes’?

Don’t listen to me,just pay attention and observe calmly what you think and what you feel on those situations.But do it with honesty.

Pay attention to the world and how people interact with each other and you will see it.


To conclude,as i said you are more safe if you hide your cards.

You have nothing to lose if you are a bit cautious,but everything if you believe the lies everyone tell themselves.

Remember no one is really special.

But don’t get angry.Besides,what are morals anyway?

Break the rules(but don’t break the laws).


That’s it folks.









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