Merry Christmas,Merry Yule,Merry Saturnalia

My lengthy title is obnoxious to say the least.

The reign of Christianity over the western world made us forget what our traditions are.

Truth is,the birth of Jesus took place in April.The church moved the celebration on the 25th of December to replace the pagan celebration of Saturnalia,the coming of the Sun.

A Roman/Byzantine holiday.

And before that it was Kronia and Dionysia in Greece and Yule in Norway etc.

We just gave the night and the God we worship a different name,but we kept celebrating the holidays in a very similar way.

The christmas tree,the jingle bells,Santa Claus,red clothes etc.

So regardless what you believe or don’t,be proud of your ancient traditions and claim your heritage!

Spend time with your loved ones,have a drink and celebrate the winter!

Merry Christmas!


That’s it folks!






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