Random Thoughts #5

Well,it’s been a minute for sure.

While i have posted some content here,unfortunately i was not as active as i wanted.

It’s always busy around this time of year,so i didn’t have much time to write.

That’s not true.I did write.I didn’t publish.

I wrote a lot of material.Writer’s block is a big fat myth.

If you live your life freely,it’s inevitable that you will always have things to write about.It’s actually beautiful.


So,i am closing 5 months doing this.

Damn,is it fun!

I am so pumped about 2017,it’s ridiculous.

I feel like i have SO much to tell,i get overwhelmed sometimes about what i should write first.

I will just write,publish,repeat.

I over think shit way too much sometimes


Anyway.Blog is doing fine.In January the stats dropped in comparison to december(which was the best month),but that’s because i was inactive.

Still it was the second best month.

Stats are irrelevant of course.Content is what worths a damn.It’s fun seeing your site growing,though.

I am doing better than 99% of new bloggers(in terms of organic traffic).Douchey to say?Hell yeah it is.

But it’s true.


Ok i jerked my ego off enough.

I will be somewhat busy until the end of February,but nothing like January.Expect more posts.


That’s it folks!







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