Procrastination is the fear of death

I like to juggle many ideas. Ideas that may seem stupid and outright unworthy of attention.Still,i find it amusing stretching,molding,cutting and playing with them, reaching hyperbolic conclusions, most of the times without any real value.

But sometimes, my philosophical tangents reveal to me, what I like to call,’clickings’.

What’s a clicking,you may ask.

It’s when you close a box and you hear that ‘click’.When you ‘click’ bubble wrap,when ‘Il Commendatore’ from Mozart’s ‘Don Giovanni’ concludes.When your mother kisses you or when your kids are smiling.It’s when things just work,when for one moment and one moment only,you can see the world as it is,raw without presumptions and predetermined views.When you finally just ‘fit’ everything into place.

And believe me fellas,we all get these moments.They are rare,but we all do.

Let me get back on track,because my tangent is getting in the way of my other tangent.

Procrastination:Post-poning desires,needs and responsibilities for tomorrow.

Everyone who went to college still remembers vividly the sleepless nights,with the company of a full cup of coffee and a paper due tomorrow.

It had been assigned to you 2 week before,but for some reason you decided it was best to cram 10 pages in one lousy,poorly lighted night.

‘Nah,i will start tomorrow,i got plenty of time.’

‘Nah,i have a week left.I got the ideas ready,i just need to put them into paper.’

‘What’s another episode of ‘Game of Thrones’?

And there you are.Sounds familliar?

We know how dreading and painful procrastination can be.We have many ways to work around it,counter it and dull it.But we don’t know the roots of it.

So,i had just woken up,sitting on the head of my bead,turning off my alarm clock,5 *snoozes* later.Nothing like a winter monday morning,am i right?

I had so many chores and errands to run that day…or i could just leave it for tommorow.Nothing urgent,no deadlines.

Hmm…so why did i wake up that early then?

What if i just go back to sleep and just wake up in an hour or two.

It hit me.

Procrastination is your brain,protecting you from danger.

What if i go to the bank and an asteroid hit me…

Or more realistically,what if i go to the bank and the transfer can’t get through.My client will be upset and he’ll probably complain to my boss.My boss will be mad and i won’t get the bonus.The bonus was the money i was counting on to go on vacations with my girlfriend.But if we can’t go,my girlfriend will hate me….

…and it goes on and on.

‘Isn’t this erratic to say the least?’

Yes,it is.But your brain is irrational,by today’s standards.But when we lived in primitive conditions,it went something like this:

Brain: -I suggest you don’t get out of the cave,because there’s a big,toothy bear outside and you may die in the most horrific way imaginable.Just wait until the bear is gone and it’s an optimal time for hunting.

You: -Me want to go.But me hear you.Thanks.

Basically,your brain is evaluating your current position in relation to a future one,if a certain chain of actions is followed.It strategizes for you,subconciously.

Although,there aren’t toothy bears outside of your house(what’s a toothy bear anyway) and the transfer will eventually go through.

Procrastination IS the fear of death.

But the fear of death is irrational and you shouldn’t subside to primitive urges that have no value in this day and age.


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